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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Those damned clippings

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, Press clippings.

If Mallard wanted to suggest that Obama "believes his overly positive press clippings", he should have considered, you know...saying it in a way that's understandable to readers of the English language.

As it is, all I can actually gather is that a somewhat dopey-eyed Obama doesn't need the advice because he understands that you should be true to yourself and not allow what people say--positive or negative--to change your own sense of self-belief. Which, I think is actually a pretty fair description of Obama thusfar, hence it can't possibly be what Mallard actually means.

At any rate, Mallard joins Rush Limbaugh in openly hoping that Obama fails, because being ideologically right is more important than America to this group of dead-enders.

To which I must ask...why does Mallard hate America so much?


exanonymous said...

Because liberalism isn't "real" America.

Which seeing is as sad as watching people in Alaska talk about real Alaska and how much deeper it was affected by 9/11 than other places. Like New York City. In the end, the country becomes your little circle of what you can see and agree with. And democracy only extends as far as it needs to to get what you personally want, by bullying majority.

confused said...

Because Freedom means Independent thought.

Many times people say the Right is more organized than the Left. It really makes sense, since the Right tends to travel with ditto heads and talk points.

Using reason and realizing the issues of the world aren't black and white is a scary thing. Life is simpler with "Because X, Y." -- regardless of the falacy.

If we're all told how to think, life is easier. Don't question the Republican leadership and watch Fox "News" and all will be clear.

12xuser said...

It's pretty funny to watch the three-week delay in action here. Tinsley has no idea what the press is saying about Obama now that he's in office and actually doing things. There has been a lot of activity, a lot of orders signed, and Tinsley can't comment about them until three weeks from now, when they'll be old news.

That said, I look forward to his strips in mid-February, complete with unhelpful asterisks, trotting out the unsubstantiated stories that 43 (or was it 26? 15? 32? No, 61, that's it! 61!) prisoners released from Guantanamo have "returned to the fight" for Al Qaeda.

Anonymous said...

All I have to say to Tinsley is this:
"Labels: President Obama"

Pardon my smugness, but I'll say it again:
"Labels: President Obama"

By the way, if you're interested in how Conservatives deal with authority, check out Conservapedia's "Bible Retranslation Project". They need God as an authority, but unfortunately, God just isn't Christian enough.

Robert said...

"Obama doesn't need the advice because he understands that you should be true to yourself and not allow what people say--positive or negative--to change your own sense of self-belief."

Nice to finally have a President for whom this is a positive attibute, and not an excuse to muleheadedly continue our country's involvement in a neverending war.

Michael said...

There is press about Obama's sentient chin?

rewinn said...

Tinkley's incompetent writing ruins a stupid joke, once again.

By suggesting Obama believes press clippings (which Tinkley assumes are unfairly positive), Tinkley's promoting the "Obama-Is-Arrogant" meme. It's a tough one to advance, because the guy is genuinely self-deprecating, comes across as a nice family guy, et cetera. But the reichwing understands they must attack him as a man, because his policies, intelligence and other abilities are far beyond anyone they've got.

But today's 2nd word balloon fails massively, not only due to convoluted grammar, but because it has way too many words. Far more effective would be just simply "Why not?"

It'd still be a stupid attack credible only to people who hate Obama already (...a dwindling democraphic...), but at least it'd be funny.