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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Golden Ellipses: Most Disturbing Image (Mental or Visual)

And the winner is...

Chris Dodd's Neck
The nominees for Most Disturbing Image (Mental or Visual) are:
  • William F. Buckley - No matter what you think of Mr. Buckley, he did not deserve to be remembered in this way.
  • Drill Her! - Uncle Sam is going to fuck a taxpayer here and now!
  • Constipated McCain - UNNH! Best case John McCain is passing a stone. Worst case, he's having difficulty crapping his pants. Either way, it's not an image that's very pleasant.
  • Chris Dodd's Neck - WTF is Chris Dodd's head perched on? This is the goiter version of last year's winner in this category.
  • Mallard's Crotch - A representative panel (there were many to choose from) in which Mallard sits watching his TV, with his crotch disturbingly exposed toward the reader.
As soon as you finish throwing up, vote.


Robert said...

Buckley. That image is as disturbing as opening up the Ark of the Covenant, then peeking inside to find your parents having sex.

It is relieving, however, to see that the weiner-chin extends across ideological lines.

Anonymous said...

Buckley or Dodd... I went with Dodd. I think I'm getting used to the chins (even if this seems to have a life of its own).

But the Dodd Creature? My God, what IS that? I think there's some kind of transformation going on, a monster breaking free from its host organism (and the host organism seems to be getting off on it).

Whatever it is, it couldn't get a date in Innsmouth.

GeoX said...

I vote for Dodd also. That's almost Lovecraftian.

I disagree that William B. Fuckley (no, not particularly original, but fitting) doesn't deserve whatever he gets. Creatures like Tinsley are his legacy, so he has no one to blame but himself. Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.

Word verification: "mario." It's-a me!

GeoX said...

...and I'd like to note that I referred to the Dodd picture as "Lovecraftian" BEFORE seeing the perspicacious Anonymous's Innsmouth reference. Great minds etc.

Johaely said...

In Mallard's defense, the Chris Dodd caricature shows Tinsley apparent preocupation for people with thyroid infections.

Johaely said...

The Taxpayer one made me laugh but not on Tinsley's intentions. It seems to be that Tinsley does not understand the concept of a double entendre... or he actually wants to make a joke about how uncle Sam wants to rape our women.

Anonymous said...

DaveyK and his buddy GeoX:
I do not know what has made both of you such bitter people. Possible you both suffer from some incurable disease. Liberalism is a mental disorder of which there is no cure.

Some people just go through life this way, angry at the world. I hope that someday you both receive what you do deserve. It was once but is no longer a shock to me to have someone such as the strange person who goes by the name of GeoX, take a shot at a great man such as William F. Buckley Jr.

I believe the GeoX character is a grade school teacher who seems to believe he is an intellectual but makes a total fool of himself whenever he comments to a post.

Usually he cannot submit a comment without the use of his favorite words in his limited vocabulary, "fuck" and "asshole" which are usually directed at someone who has dealt him a card which he cannot defend so he trashes and calls the person names as one of his young students might do. I am sure he would not say the things he says and use the language he uses if he had to do it face to face to his targeted person rather than from the safety of his keyboard.

I am much older than he is but would welcome a meeting and discussion with him to see if he is really a tough guy rather than the wimp I believe him to be.

It is very strange what goes on within a liberal persons mind. Something is there which makes them want to strike out at people who have accomplished a thousand times more than they will ever hope to accomplish. Perhaps this is what drives them into their fanatical frenzies. Oh well, no additional comments are warranted.

To a great American and one of my favorite people. William F. Buckley Jr. We need more people in this country like you were, to return our country to greatness. I wish I could have met you,

rewinn said...

BuckleyTumorchin: would be disturbing if it were not pathetic. Tinkley thinks he is paying homage by making him look like the Elephant Man; whom to pity more? At least Buckley's dead and can suffer no more, but Tinkley must live on with his self-delusion.

I must agree with Geox about the erudite but odious Buckley. William F. Buckley lead the movement to restore Tory rule in America, under the name of Reaganism; 30 years of it (I do not ignore Clinton here) has left our great nation battered, in debt to foreigners and in the same sort of trouble that lead to the Great Depression.

This was no accident; Buckley and his ilk are not American patriots. They are Torys, loyal to no nation, but to the transnational small, powerful and wealthy aristocracy, that aims to rule an impoverished, Dickensian majority by controlling access to information, education, the economy and power. This is the natural result of removing the countervailing power of government from the marketplace; where there is no referee, the big kids take over.

Buckley and his ilk applaud this Tory vision whereever it appears; they're fans of Pinochet, Duvallier, apartheid et cetera. because they believe there are some naturally superior people who should run things and live better than anyone else.

Being drawn with a cancer on your chin is the least aweful fate that Buckley deserves. It's not as if that image will ever be printed anywhere outside of the graphic novel version of the fanfic Conthulhuservatives: the Lurking Fearmongers.


Crotchduck : more revealing of Tinkley than disturbing

Doddgoitur : such a bad drawing, it can't connect emotionally, therefore not very disturbing

Drill Her Now : creepy sex image says something genuinely disturbing at Tinkley's mental processes; gets my vote!

GeoX said...

Oddly enough, I'm going to have to decline to get into a fist fight with the frighteningly obsessive Anonymous. I mean really, how crazed do you have to be to constantly be erupting into towering geysers of rage over random commenters on a tiny blog like this?

GeoX said...

Incidentally, if anyone's thinking that perhaps this is an ordinary guy other than his strange defensiveness about Mallard Fillmore, please note that this is almost certainly the same person who became apoplectic when I wrote a post mocking dumb truck ads.

Factinista said...

What makes me chuckle about this Anonymous character is that there's nothing in that rant about the actual issue: that the drawings and writing suck. This is undeniable, and Anon knows it, so the troll sticks with what these people are best at: argumentum ad hominem.

I voted for "Drill Her." For me, the leer that Uncle Sam's giving the reader adds to the unfortunate innuendo.

D Johnston said...

Really? No love for McCain straining to pass that BM? Interesting. I'll grant that whatever that thing is that Dodd's head is perched atop is nightmarish, but next to McCain's noisy struggle to pinch one off?

As for the anonymous troll - I'm not usually in favor of banning people for being obnoxious, but when a troll starts obsessing over an individual commenter, it might be time to send him on his way.

exanonymous said...

Drilling women because you want oil is just... creepy.

So I voted that one.

Even creepier when you see the anonatroll hanging on GeoX's every word and around Daveyk's blog.

Michael said...

I hate voting against the Doddgoiter, but: Drill Her. Like Factinista pointed out, the creepy leer puts it over the top for me.

untro: when the introductory panel of a Mallard Fillmore cartoon contains an arrow pointing to the next panel, when it's only a two-panel cartoon.

John Roche said...

Well, Dodd's neck seems like it's about to ask me to start a reactor, but overall, that one comic of "Rush" making garbage angels while Mallard has his crotch outward took the cake.

angdoob: an ASCII-based dungeon crawler based on that 2-part episode of "What's Happening" where Rerun has the tape recorder under his sweater.

ianrey said...

I am very to sorry to say, I have become desensitized to Mallard's crotch.

@DJohnston, I was thinking exactly the same thing, I would cast a vote for McCain on the crapper, and it would be one of about a hundred. I guess McCain simply cannot win any election, period.

Rootbeer said...

Not only is Senator Dodd's neck puffed out like a bullfrog with an iodine deficiency, but his eyes are rolled back into his head.

Is Tinsley trying to suggest that Dodd suffers from Graves' Disease?