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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Those damned speech codes

What's Mallard raving about today?

Speech Codes, Academic Standards.

Monday: The First Amendment sucks and when the press use it to say good things about Barack Obama, it outrages me!

Tuesday: The First Amendment is sacred and speech codes outrage me!

Mallard Fillmore: stateless waterfowl, rage machine.


K.T. said...

So, Mallard Fillmore wants college... to be... harder?

Am I missing the point? Again?

exanonymous said...

He doesn't want college to exist at all; Ignorant people are easier to control.

Word verification:

'Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

As a college student myself I have yet to see a campus speech code or anything like that. I've engaged in interesting debates with conservatives, republicans, free-market Anarchists, socialists, liberals, democrats, and some who call themselves 'compassionate fascists.' I wonder what he means by speech codes, since the only thing I can imagine being frowned on would be either trying to incite a panic by screaming 'bomb' or someone yelling the N-word or similar slurs at the top of their lungs I can't think of any words that would get someone into trouble.

As for lowered standards, you can thank standardized testing and a lack of funding for that. Not to mention the fact that thanks to the current format of our educational system innovation is discouraged and memorization is promoted over actual cognitive understanding of the material. I could also point to studies that show that homework does nothing but eat up time or how thanks to religious zealots and moralists diddling with the curriculum the school has to either strain resources fighting legal battles or teaching impractical data.

12xuser said...

If lower college standards mean more people get in, isn't that a good thing? Once they're there, they have to do the work and get the grades, but Mallard's contention that less people should be admitted to college is just elitism.

Squid Vicious said...

Tinkley, of course, belies his apocryphal liberal professor's point; proving almost daily that blithering idiocy is no bar against offensiveness.

happy_go_lucky said...

College standards must be too low if Tinsley was able to get it and graduate.

rewinn said...

"...Ignorant people are easier to control..."

True that!

The irony of today's strip is that ignorant people are usually MORE offensive than educated people.

Take Tinkley for example. He knows nothing, but he enjoys being offensive.

rewinn said...

Dang you Squid Vicious: you wrote essentially the same as what I was saying, but with better vocabulary words:

* apocryphal
* belies
* blithering

These words will all be on next week's quiz!

Factinista said...

Amazingly, the thing that stood out at me the most today is the fact that Tinsley put an arrow in between the panels. It shows what he thinks of his readership if he thinks they need to be reminded of which direction to read.

Michael said...

I, for one, need that arrow to tell me where to go! I missed the arrow the first time, looked down to Marmaduke, and thought that Mallard was predicting a dog would drink his water excessively loud.

Anonymous said...

That is all.

DinoJesus said...

What speech codes do colleges have?
There's only 2 I know of:
* You can't scream n***** at people.

* You can't teach classes and claim the earth is 6000 years old and "Noah forgot to put the velociraptors on the boat."

I think it's obvious why conservatives hate college speech codes.

Johaely said...

I'm going to show tinsley that we do learn things in school.

The last 5 strips have been the 2009 predictions. even though he dropped the number, he is around the number 24, he still has done any mention on democrats or taxes, so if this is still going to be by tomorrow, the odds for one of those to themes 1/2.

On a side note, completely unrelated, once again god has shown us he has a sense of humor, unlike Tinsley, who couldn't even make a joke as funny as the platypus, by having Rush Limbaugh and Zach de La Rocha be born in the same day.

Anonymous said...

Now, now DinoJesus, I don't think that all conservatives are that bad. I have met plenty who were real honest conservatives, they were screaming that the government needed to stop trying to dictate who could marry who, quit performing wars of choice on nations that have done nothing wrong, and that the government has no right to spy on its citizens. They also said that welfare was an overextension of government power as were several massive public projects.

I have no issue with political differences of opinion so long as they're reasonable and rational.

Patrick said...

You know, thinking back on college I can't really come up with anything that was forbidden to say outside of just directly insulting people.

You could take just about any religious/political/philosophical position you wanted, including ones that went directly against those of the instructors. So long as you knew the material and could defend your position you were fine.

Admittedly, it has been four years. But I'm doubting much has changed.