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Friday, January 23, 2009

Those damned ears

What's Mallard raving about today?

Readers, planes, press, ears.

They should have looked it up on the Internet? Because, God knows, it couldn't possibly be false if it is on the Internet.

By the way, Mallard likes to have sex with goats.

Know how I know that? Because it appeared on the Internet. Specifically, on this blog in the last paragraph.

Point #3 would be easier to defend if Mallard had, for example, done more than one caricature of President Bush in the last two years. What do you think of that claim?


NLC said...


Sorry, that was me waiting to hear what the Fox News Ombudsperson has to say about the relative "balance" of FN's coverage of that past election.


Sorry, that was me waiting here Tinsley/MF to discuss this topic.

NLC said...


Sorry, that was me waiting to hear a discussion of the well-documented cases of the Bush administration "freezing-out" access by reporters whom they perceived as "unfriendly".


Sorry, that was me waiting here Tinsley/MF to discuss this topic.

12xuser said...

Goddamn, did he just squeeze another comic out of that "Obama kicked critical reporters off his plane" story? Gotta respect that. Times are tough for right-wing political cartoonists, what with the lack of news these days.

Also, if you look this stuff up "on the Internet", and look beyond the first hit, you find out pretty quickly that these stories are not what Tinsley would like you to think they are.

exanonymous said...

Okay, if the reporters had McCain coverage ANYWAYS, what's the point of having them on Obama's plane? Especially since the purpose of the plane is to have a more personal look at a candidate? One theoretically writes about issues from speeches given at the destinations, not on the plane.

Besides, they were on the plane up until 3 days prior. And the whole campaign was about 3 billion days long.

Anonymous said...

Things Tinsley hates, #2145: His readers.

GeoX said...

This is the Washington Post piece in question. Long story short: there were more stories on Obama than on McCain because, A., Obama's primary fight was much longer and more contentious; and, B., because, as any unbiased observer would have to admit, the ascendancy of the first-ever serious African-American presidential candidate is SLIGHTLY more newsworthy than another old white dude.

The article is actually pretty toolish--check out the part where she laments that the paper spent insufficient time disseminating bullshit talking points from right-wing bloggers.

rewinn said...

* Incompetent artists blame the audience.

* Was there a joke in today's "comic"?

* That ombudsman's article was pretty funny; I cranked the numbers when Tinkley first cited it and the "tilt" was percentagewise in the single digits, completely explainable by the relative newsworthiness of the campaigns AND the fact that the tickets got relatively balanced coverage once you factor the greater attention Palin got over Biden. Kinda funny the ombudsman didn't give numbers on that.

* KickingReportersGate didn't work for McCain's campaign; I don't know why Tinkley thinks it'll work for him

* DavyK is a brave, brave man for actually reading years of Mallard Fillmore to tally the number of depictions of W, all for the sake of proving what we all knew: Tinkley lies.

It's Friday DavyK - accept our thanks and scrub your brain with some good brew!

Factinista said...

Over the time I've read this comic, I've seen caricatures of Obama, Bush, Clinton, and Reagan. Only one of them had gigantic ears. Face it, Tinsley, you're a terrible liar.

Jazzbumpa said...

I was rather taken with someone's suggestion a few days ago that MF is an incoginto progressive strip, parodying conservatism. Never mind that the target audience would never catch on.

This, from Wikipedia (on the internets) isn't proof, but it's consistent.

Canard is a French word for a duck, and is often used in English to refer to a deliberately false story, originating from an abbreviated form of an old French idiom, "vendre un canard à moitié," meaning "to half-sell a duck." In French it can also mean a journal.

Kyle said...

Dear Readers:

*drinks a fifth of Jim Beam, passes out*

Anonymous said...

Let' be honest people. Just one of Obama's ears is larger than a GeoX brain. Wait...half of one of his ears is bigger than a GeoX brain.

Anonymous said...

Ya think? Man obamas on a roll.

1/ Sec. of state who is getting money from overseas.

2/ Sec. of the treasury who can’t do his own taxes.

3/ AG who is actively supporting terrorists.


GeoX said...

As the late, great Molly Ivins said about being attacked on-air by Rush Limbaugh, being flamed by Tinzanonymous is akin to being gummed by a newt--it doesn't actually hurt, but it leaves you with slimy stuff on your ankle. Bad Tinzy!

rewinn said...

Dang, Jazzbumpa, you may have spilled the beans for sure:

"...Canard is a French word for a duck, and is often used in English to refer to a deliberately false story,...."

Not only is Tinkley a liberal plant, he's FRENCH!!!!