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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

That damned Unity

What's Mallard raving about today?

Hillary Clinton, Democrats.

Hillary Clinton concern trolling was sooooooo effective in the General election, please keep at it.

Marketplace of ideas, indeed.


Michael said...

Yowza! Nice polka dotted earrings and neon pink suit. Are you sure this isn't Mallard's 1985 New-Year's Prediction?

12xuser said...

Yeah, I think the artwork is recycled from 1983. The caption was "A Flock of Seagulls wins big at the Grammys".

exanonymous said...

Mallard promised real pictures of her!

Man, he yells at Barrack and he can't even keep one lousy cut'n'paste promise.

rewinn said...

For a much better joke than Tinkley's "effort" today, see MediumLarge Jan 12 2009.
This link was actually posted by some kind anonymous person near the end of yesterday's thread, but trust me, you won't want to miss it!

exanonymous said...

Regarding Ann Coulter.

Equally amusing is the one where John Edward's wife asks her to stop calling her husband a f-----. Ann starts hollering that Mrs. Edwards shouldn't ask her to stop writing books.

Anonymous said...

Your next President B. Hussein Obama, notes of interest - I wonder how the liberals and media would react if these folks were Bush appointees...hmmm?

Bill Richardson had to withdraw. Obama's education nominee cannot speak proper grammar. The Treasury nominee doesn't pay taxes. The nominee for attorney general worked in the pardon office, and he didn't know anything about pardons. Obama's top terrorism advisor was involved in a security breach. We've got more scandals here during the transition than most presidencies have in one term!

Obama has laid his hands upon Treasury secretary nominee Geithner and absolved him of unpaid taxes and employing an illegal nanny. Apparently, he's the only man who understands TARP, so the Drive-Bys agree he's above the law and it was "an honest mistake." Imagine if you failed to pay your taxes!

TARP gives the Treasury secretary -- not Obama, not Barney Frank -- sole power to ensure prosperity and safeguard the economy. This is the kind of power we're going to give Geithner, and he can't even do his taxes!

Lastly, Obama's immaculate inauguration is going to cost $150 million, but there are no stories on how many starving people you could feed for that like there were for Bush.

Patrick said...

Amazing that he so completely forgot about his promise to only use photos in the future.

Anonymous said...

Your "boy" Obama says Geithner situation an 'embarrassment.' This is what we have to look forward to with Obama and his gang of scumbag Democrats. The guy made an "honest mistake" he did not pay $34,000 in taxes. I assume he simply forgot? How do you think the press would handle this if he were a Republican?

Anonymous said...

Had it been a Republican, the Press would have been all over it. But because it's a Democrat, they don't care. And you know why? Because WE OWN THE PRESS. And thanks to them, your president will now be Mr. Hussein, the Halfrican Muslim Socialist. And there's nothing you can do about it, except 8 years of whining.

Is that what you want to hear?

GeoX said...

Are the quotes around "boy" supposed to make us imagine that you're only a racist fucktard in a figurative sense, or something? Because I've gotta tell you, they aren't working.