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Thursday, January 15, 2009

That damned Big Foot

What's Mallard raving about today?

Racism, Big Foot.

Mallard is obsessed with precisely what terms he can use without being decried as a racist. I wonder why this precise topic is of such concern to him?


Anonymous said...

Notice the duck's bill behind the crystal ball? His predictions are so awful because his crystal ball is empty cheap plastic krap. Tinsley was sick the day they taught light refracting through glass in school.

Bigfoot: A fictional creature made up to get attention.

Obama constantly using the race card: A fictional situation made up by Tinsley to get attention.

Joe the Anonymous said...

What's the big deal? Just call Obama "halfrican" or "boy". I do that all the time, and nobody's figured out that I hate niggers.

dlauthor said...

Argle bargle speech codes bloop blorp race card.

Tinshley's long, slow slide into irrelevancy continues. I wonder if any more papers have dropped him lately.

dlauthor said...

Also worth noting that a wendigo is not of the same stripe as the other creatures he lists. It's like if our Anonymous friend around here threw an anti-Hispanic slur into one of his posts, alongside the usual slew of anti-black ones.

happy_go_lucky said...

Sometimes I think Tinsley would be happier if he just started drawing cartoons for

Anonymous said...

After drawing Obama as he really sees him, Bruce asked himself: "How can I use this drawing in a cartoon?"

exanonymous said...

Mallard's goal for the next four years:

To become a walking paradox by reminding us every day that we voted in a black guy and that he's not racist.

rewinn said...

"... a wendigo is not of the same stripe as the other creatures he lists. It's like if our Anonymous friend around here threw an anti-Hispanic slur into one of his posts, alongside the usual slew of anti-black ones...."

Exactly right.

The historical (Algonquin) Wendigo is a gaunt, skin-and-bones sort of evil thing.

The only place that Wendigo is big and furry is in the Marvel Comics universe.

Now we know a little bit more about where Tinkley gets his "facts"*.

* apologies to Stan Lee

Squid Vicious said...

DaveyK, When I open today's post, there's no link to today's MF.

The message I'm taking from today's strip is that words don't have meaning, regardless of their historical usage or their possible effect on their intended target. So, when I call Tinkley's wife a "skanky, syphilitic cunt", I can be certain that neither of them will be offended because it's just words. Likewise, when I tell everyone that Tinkley is a "pedophilic santorum-sucker", we'll all laugh because I'm just, you know, giving him a friendly nickname. Get it? Ha ha.

Michael said...

Hoo boy. He just had to give him those huge lips.

Wendigos are, in addition to NOT being bigfoot, undead. So Mallard's partially right: if I were a bigfoot, I might find that term offensive.

I was involved in a forum that attempted to rank the undead, and wendigos were ranked #6 out of 17.

"Native American legends about it say that a person 'ceases to live' when they become a wendigo... Once you eat a person, you start hungering for human flesh more and more, until eventually nothing else will sustain you, and that's when you become a wendigo. A wendigo will also absorb all the strength and endurance of anyone it eats, and this is cumulative. So after eating 50 or a hundred people, a wendigo could probably punch down an oak tree without too much difficulty. They can take insane amounts of damage and keep going, and so long as they get a chance to eat more people, they'll heal pretty quick."

Factinista said...

When I saw this for the first time, I thought I accidentally brought up one of those old comics from the 20's, since that's where this drawing ought to belong. How has it evaded Tinsley that people may be calling him racist for a reason?

Kaitlyn said...

The Wendigo is from the East Coast, at least, that's what my shoddy memory says, in addition to it being NOTHING LIKE A BIG FOOT.

And the Yeti?


Forget "all Asians look alike," this is ... god, I don't know what the hell is.

The Yeti is similar to Bigfoot/Sasquatch, but is in the HIMALAYAS. And has WHITE FUR. (The snow...?)

And DaveyK, save this for next year's Golden Ellipses for crazy metaphor.

But hey, Mallard, you rant against the evils of Political Correctness. You're so brave. I've heard more in my life about the evils of Political Correctness than the benefits, and it's always, "Why can't I call them colored anymore?"

ReverendG said...

Man, if we had all voted for Strom Thurmond we wouldn't have had all these troubles through the years.

Anonymous said...

Rev go through what? Mallard Fillmore whining about how he can't scream "n------r" in a crowded movie house?

I must say, I often do find it suspicious that he complains about "speech codes" when they apply to racist terms. It's like some of these morons who say stuff like "I'm not a racist, but there sure have been a lot of n------s moving into this neighborhood." If it talks like a racist, walks like a racist and acts like a racist, it's a racist.

And if it looks acts and walks like a duck, but is drawn by a turkey, it's Mallard Fillmore

Erich said...

I forget where I originally heard it, but I remember somebody once observing: "If you begin a sentence by saying 'I'm no racist, but...', I can guarantee that the next thing out of your mouth will be incredibly racist."

Robert said...

In the interest of not offending anyone, I'm going to choose my words carefully: Bruce Tinsley is a Drooling-Pee-Drinking-Moron-American.

Anonymous said...

Robert said...
"In the interest of not offending anyone, I'm going to choose my words carefully: Bruce Tinsley is a Drooling-Pee-Drinking-Moron-American."

Spoken like a true liberal. I am sure BT would much rather be called names like little Bobby says than to be called a "LIBERAL".

BTW - Since everything BT writes or draws seems somehow racist to all of you, did you vote for Mr. Obama only because he is half-black? Certainly not because of his values because he has none. All of you just wanted to show how open to change you were?

Patrick said...

Anon troll,

Everything BT writes seems vaguely racist because he refuses to get away from the racial angle. Until he moves on to attacking Obama on economic/political/whatever grounds, it's going to come off as fairly racist.

And no, Obama didn't get elected because he was black. He got elected because the world pretty much disintegrated under President Bush and the GOP.

dragoknight14 said...

The problem is this, when most people complain about PC codes it tends to be in the context of terms and titles used as racial slurs. Are there times that it can reach illogical extremes, sure, just as the claims of what speech codes do can reach illogical extremes.

The other problem is that a lot of the earlier comments made by Mallard do tend to show certain racist caricatures. Jon Stewart getting a giant hook nose for one thing, but also a lot of his comments seem closer to race baiting.

I'm not saying that Tinsley is a racist, but a lot of his work does leave some cause to wonder. And yes, some people here do read too much into what he writes or draws.

exanonymous said...

If liberals voted in a black person because he was black, it was more for the lolz-factor from racist conservatives than a fear of being called racist themselves. Those who are racist are usually not shy about it.

But most of them voted him in because he was the candidate on the democratic ticket. And the complete undesirability of the McCain-Palin train wreck didn't help much. (Try next time NOT hyping up war hero status when you spent the previous 4 years downplaying it on someone else).