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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Those damned expectations

What's Mallard raving about today?

Barack Obama, Racism.

After voting for President Bush, twice, once can excuse Mallard for assuming a Presidency is successful if the President can just avoid crapping his pant in public. I don't have time for a Google search, but I am assuming that, by that standard, Bush qualifies. Though it would not surprise me to find out I was wrong.

Personally, I prefer to set my sights a little higher than Mallard. I prefer a President who starts his term with lofty aspirations for himself and from America.

If Obama doesn't succeed, it will (most likely) be because small-minded idiots preferred ideology over results. Which is the only yardstick by which the Bush Administration can be considered a success.

As for any charges that the Republican party represent race-baiting bigots, actions will speak for themselves.


exanonymous said...

Just because it's embarrassing doesn't mean we aren't a racist nation.

I mean, looting vs. salvaging? KKK? Aryan Nation? How many people can think of a derogatory name for a black man or a Mexican and how many people use them in everyday conversation?

D Johnston said...

Come now, Mallard, even you must admit that there's a lot of hatred against the blue man in America.

Yeah, I know that that's probably the fault of the colorist and not Tinsley, but I'm trying to come up with things to say about the strip other than pointing out that the Obama caricature looks less like Obama every time it shows up. At this rate, by the midterms the Obama caricature will just be a photo reference of a horse. A horse with a chin penis.

Nick said...

Let's all take a trudge through the Free Republic forums, shall we? "Halfrican." "Barack the Magic Negro." "O-dingo."

Clearly, any charge of racism is off the mark.

And hasn't it been the whiners on the right who've been promoting the concept of "Obamessiah"?

Just askin'.

WV: skindint. Appropriate.

rewinn said...

Help me out here: is Tinkley actually saying we should lower our expectations of the Obama presidency?

I never bought into that "most-liberal-voting-record" b.s., but it Mallard agreeing with me that hey, he's only one guy, if the economy isn't fixed by 2012 well, it's a mighty big task and we all have to work on it and even so it's gonna take a long time to fix the disaster of Reaganomics.

Is that what you're saying, DT?

I don't get the connection with "racism", since shipping jobs overseas affects all Americans. Are you talking about some sort of anti-human-race prejudice ... cuz you're a duck, or maybe because corporations aren't really human?

P.S. why did you draw Obama with thick, Angelina-Jolie style lips?

Johaely said...

Reading Mallard Fillmore is like reading a post from Free Republic or more accurately Newsmax, its filled with so much BS that its just offensive, its pretty much an insult to comedy and a threat to humanity, yet it still better than seeing one of those Ramirez editorial cartoons.

All that shit from the magic negro came after Limbaugh, the hero of the modern conservatives and (unfortunately) modern Republican party, just thought that since a Black guy used it in an editorial to explain how people were perceiving Obama, he could use like "well a black person used it, therefore it can't be racist".

In its "comedic style", Mallard is similar to Lewis Black, except not [as?] funny, angry and complaining about what he hates.

DS said...

Obama doesn't have lofty aspirations. Refraining from starting wars for the sake of profit and destroying the economy with trickle down economics and massive unregulated monopolies is not lofty. Aspiring to not go insane and kill millions is as far from lofty as it gets.

All the hope we have is because of one thing: Obama's the cleanest politician we've seen in years. When I see a politician, democrat or republican, I assume they're corrupt but in all my research I never found anything on Obama. Since even a slightly corrupt but sane politician could fix most of Bush's mess I can only assume Obama will be great. Or should I just say he'll be normal since normal is the new great?

rewinn said...

"...normal is the new great..."

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winna!

Thanks, DS, that made me snort my beer!

"...Aspiring to not go insane and kill millions ..."

...good God how far we have fallen! Because,you're right, that would be a great improvement.

Anonymous said...

DS said...
"All the hope we have is because of one thing: Obama's the cleanest politician we've seen in years. When I see a politician, democrat or republican, I assume they're corrupt but in all my research I never found anything on Obama."

If you honestly believe and you wrote the above quote, you must receive you news from the Drive-By news networks, do not have a computer and definitely HAVE YOUR HEAD UP YOU ASS!

Squid Vicious said...

Man, Tinkley nails it. If, in 2010, the economic turmoil of the current recession has deepened into a world-wide depression and the infrastructure of international finance has so decayed that there's insufficient capital available for the kind of short-term lending that we currently use to fund international shipping agreements and we're doing way worse than we were last year, even though Congress passed and President Obama signed a $750 billion economic stimulus package, I will DEFINITELY not have to think twice before concluding that it was racism that ruined the world economy. That and the enormous black hole of ignorance that increases in mass every time Tinkley, Anonymous and their nitwit brethren open their mouths and regurgitate whatever monosyllabic inanity they managed to dredge up from the stinking curds of their brain stem.

Patrick said...

My predictions for 2009 are that in spite of somewhat rational and competent political leadership, the economy will still suck eggs. On the plus side, we'll finally start engaging in massively overdue infrastructure spending. And we might get healthcare.

My other prediction is that Mallard and our dear Anon friend will both remain hacks.