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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

That damned Dole

What's Mallard raving about today?

Cars. Bob Dole.

Why is the car named after Bob Dole?

May I suggest:
Chevrolet will introduce a line of cars which run on taxpayer money.
For God's sake, Mallard, get an editor and tell them to eliminate at least half of your words every single day.


fuckreagan said...

Dear God, Tinsley, please use references from this century. This is disgrace to the whoe concept of humor. Who cares about Bob Dole? He was a repetitive running gag for a few months, then, forgotten. Find someone who has finished Dead Space or Fallout 3 or something and ask him for a joke. Please, do not make references to guys we barely remember.

Michael said...

"Dole" is also a synonym for public assistance. As in: I'm sick of those welfare queens living large on the public dole!

Like DaveyK, the first thing I thought of was Bob Dole. Why would you name it the Dole? To puzzle your readers for a few seconds so they won't notice how trite that lame bailout joke is?

Anyway, that guy sure needs an alignment.

Anonymous said...

Names that would have been funnier then 'The Dole';

'The Handout'
'The Bail Bucket'
'The Panhandle'
'The Soupline'
'The Greenstamp'
'The FDICar'

And I'm not even good at coming up with clever names. Nor am I getting paid.

rewinn said...

Funny fact:
Those auto factories in Alabama?

The ones owned by foreigners?

The ones that Senator Shelby is happy to tell us pays $14/hour (or about $28,000 a year)?

Funny: They're built with taxpayer money.

So Tinkley's a little late with the joke; we have automaker welfare queens already.

One of them is named Mercedes

Squid Vicious said...

I'm confused by the bow-tie on the car. Everyone knows that bow-ties are de rigueur among the nattering classes on the right. Is this a jab at the wingnut welfare system? Is Tinkley actually critiquing the moral and intellectual vacuity of conservative "intellectuals" and their reliance on think tank money by making a subtle comparison to GM and its pleas for federal subsidization?

Naw. He was probably just too drunk to draw a proper Chevy logo.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm guessing he meant the assistance kind of "Dole", but when you draw a political cartoon, you should probably use words that aren't also the names of prominent politicians.

I'm also guessing he thinks whiny liberals wear bow-ties, even on their cars. Real 'Merikans have cars with truck nuts.

Michael said...

"The FDICar"... I love that one!

Because the car resembles the Popemobile, he also could have called it the Hopemobile (especially since he hates hope).

Kaitlyn said...

Maybe it's supposed to be a Christmas bow, like in those stupid commercials.

rewinn said...

"'s supposed to be a Christmas bow..."

Have no doubt that you're right; remember that every Mallard Xmas-2008 strip exuded some form of holiday loathing, "in the deepest, most tragic, most inexorable sense". The War On Dole's Car is just an extension of the War On Christmas, and Tinkley is on the side of the anti's.


But seriously ... the big reason this joke fails is that "dole" is an archaic word in American English; who uses "dole" to mean "welfare, handout, freebie" anymore?

The BailBucket ... now that's a punchline!!! Anonymous@8:06 - can you also draw animals with no pants? There's a market out there for a conservative cartoonist with talent!

Kaitlyn said...

I think they still say "on the dole" across the pond.

I spy anti-American sentiments!

Scanman said...

But the only prominent people who wear bow ties are George Will and Tucker Carlson.

ajm said...

As my grandfather said during the 1976 Presidential campaign:

Q: What do yoy get when you cross a Ford and a Dole?

A: A pineapple that won't start.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he went with "dole" instead of "handout" because it kinda rhymes with "volt"?

Still, "handout" sounds more like a car name, and it avoids the Bob Dole confusion.