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Monday, December 29, 2008

That damned Illinois

What's Mallard raving about today?

Illinois Politicians.

As Mallard reaches fever pitch regarding how soon-to-be-ex-Governor Blagojevich represents the end to America as we know it for getting arrested (for attempting to abuse his power, because he was also a complete moron), I want to remind everyone how Mallard dealt with Larry Craig getting arrested for soliciting sex in a public bathroom and Mark Foley for soliciting sex from underage congressional aides.

Hey, Mallard, one difference you will note...Democrats from every corner are unapologetically calling for Blagojevich to get the hell out of office, politics, and the party.

Very unlike how Republicans deal with their scandals, which generally requires voters to clean up (cough, Ted Stevens, cough) their house.


Factinista said...

No doubt he's going to pull out all the stops to try and connect Blagojevich to Obama, even though it's been proven he wasn't involved.

Robert said...

And why not? Especially when the MSM is doing everything in its power to manufacture a connection.

Seriously. We've got enormous economic crisis/budding nuclear war between Pakistan and India/escalating conflict in Israel fish to fry, and there's David Gregory on MTP yesterday, continuing to beat this dead

wv: ouckine
there's an "oh! my duck got quinine poisoning" joke to be made, but I'm fresh out of coffee.

MToje said...

As an Illinois resident, I actually got a little chuckle out of Mallard today. I live in the Metro East region, of which East St. Louis is part. Lemme tell ya, the graft is unbelievable.

As far as political loyalty, DaveyK has it exactly right: the Republicans has sheltered their own from investigations and and scandal, whereas the Democrats are calling for Blago's head. Though, a the state level, that could be because Blago runs the state from Chicago and focuses on Cook County, and Madigan and the rest of the Dems run the state from Springfield and focus on all of Illinois south of the 41st parallel.

rewinn said...

Every morning, GOPbots like Tinkey make a choice:

1. Deal with real issues, such as the economic crisis/war/Iraq/Afghanistan/Pakistan/India/Israel and even corruption such as Blago/Stevens/and that whole no-bid contract stuff, or

2. Smear Obama.

Pick #1 to be relevant

Pick #2 to be irrelevant

Anonymous said...

Factinista said...
"No doubt he's going to pull out all the stops to try and connect Blagojevich to Obama, even though it's been proven he wasn't involved."

It has been proven? By whom? The halfrican president-elect Obama? Did he say there was only one brief meeting between his chief of staff and you naturally believe him? Guess we know where your head is.

Factinista said...

I don't trust Obama; he's still a politician. But I do trust the facts. I would say it's hard to deny a report with concrete evidence of no wrongdoing, but I know better. Denying reality is all you people do.

Erich said...

Anonymous - "Halfrican"? Really? You really thought your point was helped by including a reference to Obama's race (and not a particularly clever or original reference, at that)?

rewinn said...

"...You really thought your point was helped ..."

Ah, Erich, you used the "T" word: "thought".

Drunken conservative hatred is not a process of thinking; it's a process of expressing the irresistible fury of the Teuton, as their icons used to put it.

They do not see that, in anonymous blogging, it is merely funny in a pathetic sort of way.

VW = unwargo - a very good idea!

Avery said...

Were you aware of... CHICAGO POLITICS?