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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

That damned hologram

What's Mallard raving about today?

Himself, Barack Obama, CNN.

There's so much wrong with this I hardly know where to begin:

Why bring up the Secret Service? It's amazing Mallard manages to include Chekhov's gun when he's only using 50 words.

Mallard's going to be keeping an eye on President Obama. Anyone for a heaping dose of self-aggrandizement?

I'd hoped? What the hell kind circumstances necessitated the odd tense shift?

CNN had leftover holograms?


GeoX said...

So by "keeping an eye on you" Tinsley means "keeping an eye on the ludicrous right-wing caricature of you," right? And "for the next few years" he means "intermittently, when I can stay sober enough and when I don't get distracted with interminable holiday doggerel and crude pictures of dinosaurs and cavemen," right? I just want to be clear about this.

Word verification: "rostabi"

Michael said...

Now THIS is the type of post-election MF I was waiting for.

A deranged duck manages to sneak past the Secret Service, and utters some seriously creepy shit.

When it becomes obvious that the President-elect is under the influence of hallucinogens, Mallard gets thrown off his game. Disheartened and confused, he can only hang his head.

Bravo, Tinsley, bravo.

D Johnston said...

Are you sure that's supposed to be Obama? It looks more like Tinsley took an old Kerry caricature, added Dumbo ears and had the colorist paint it brown. Tinsley needs a photo reference real bad.

Oh, and "sell-aggrandizement"? What, he's marketing feelings of superiority?

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's pretty seriously surreal. Are you sure this isn't secretly a Zippy the Pinhead comic? Cuz I have no clue what that supposed to be about.

Maybe Tinsly is actually some sort of mad genius who's just so far ahead of us that we can barely even comprehend his thought processes. Yeah, that must it...

mtoje said...

One thing you can say, though is that Tinshley does this with every presidency. Remember the time Bush won and he said, "I'll be keeping an eye on you, to make sure that you stick to your conservative values"? That did happen, right?

Word verification: "sillie." Nothing more needs to be said.

Anonymous said...

Anyone want to venture a guess as to why ducky isn't giving Obama the usual liberal buck teeth?

This may be his worst cartoon interpretation to date, and that's saying something. The penis chin is nothing short of bizarre, as Obama's chin is pretty normally proportioned. The small mouth with grotesquely large (dark I say, blackface-esque?) is inversely related to Obama's mouth. They eyes are droopy and pupil-less (an obvious attempt at dis-association to make Obama seem less human), the eyebrows are bushy, and the ears are just there to complete Ducky's Freudian art release.

It's like he actively pursues poor quality in the same way most people actively pursue continuing to breath.

exanonymous said...

This cartoon is funny. Mostly because the idea of Mallard Fillmore being able to call Obama on BS is laughable.

The LIBERALS have done a better job of making fun of Obama than Mallard has managed the entire election year (and a half).

And he makes fun of the holograms now, but it wasn't that long ago that computer animated interactive weather was the big thing for news channels to have.

Anonymous said...

Yes, because if anyone knows how to look out for the common man, it's Mallard "I hate everyone and everything" Fillmore.

Get over yourself, Tinny; Odds are Obama doesn't even know your stupid strip exists, let alone feels any kind of pressure because you're going to be "watching" him.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully in the process of "keeping an eye" on Obama, Tinsley will learn how to draw an actual caricature of him.

Because otherwise we have 4-8 years of penis chins to look forward to.

rewinn said...

"...A deranged duck manages to sneak past the Secret Service, and utters some seriously creepy shit...."

Exactly. I think today's strip portrays Obama in a pretty positive light.

Faced with a cartoon duck, he assumes it's some sort of special effect and starts to play with the remote. Any normal guy would do that.

If Obama'd (or ANY president-elect) was ACTUALLY told "I'll be keeping an eye on you" by a real person, the natural response would be "No shit! I'm going to be running the country; you all are SUPPOSED to be paying attention."

Factinista said...

I noticed that Mallard didn't answer either of Obama's questions at the beginning. It certainly makes him look like one of those creepy stalkers, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Let me see if I get this. President Elect Obama sees Mallard and thinks he's not real! What an idiot! Except of course he isn't real, but that gets in the way of the "Obama is an idiot" theme.

By the way, it wasn't an hologram, they just called it that to make it sound more high-tech.

Word verification - conican - the combining of the words "Convict" and "Republican"?

GeoX said...

Kind of redundant, isn't it?

rewinn said...

"... Mallard didn't answer either of Obama's questions...."

The charitable explanation is that Mallard didn't answer the questions because he wasn't listening. He was there to throw down the gauntlet, not to hear what the other guy had to say.

That's pretty much the difference between Obama and the reichwing: Obama actually listens to people, even his opponents, and therefore can often work out a mutually satisfactory deal. The reichwing, OTOH, is all about posturing; no listerners need apply.

In fact, today's strip is just a wet dream for Tinkley.

You know, like when the drunk at the end of the bar goes, "Hey, ya know whut I'd do? I'd go right up to him and say I'll gonna keep an eye on you, buddy. And he'd be all, like, click, click, click. Haw-haw!"


"conican" - LOL! We'll be seeing more of that soon!