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Sunday, December 14, 2008

That damned cashew log

What's Mallard raving about today?


Just days after complaining about Government spending, Mallard complains about co-workers doing private fund-raising.

In all likelihood, fund-raising for a school which Mallard would prefer be completely unfunded by the Government, rather than simply under-funded.

Mallard Fillmore is a completely stateless being.

Each moment, each statement, each complaint exists in isolation, with no knowledge or memory of the past.


exanonymous said...

And then three spirits visited Bruce!

Seriously, hyperbole to justify being mean to someone? Making strawman Larry go overboard in your mind just so you can be mean to him is sad.

Scrooge didn't like those men who went door to door asking for Christmas donations for the poor either.

Anonymous said...

i think the damned cashew log is code for a turd

D Johnston said...

This is perhaps the most mean-spirited Mallard Fillmore I've seen to date. Apart from Tinsley's politics, it's just bitching about paying a couple bucks once a year. Include his politics and it goes to show that when economic conservatives talk about private charity supplanting the government, they don't include themselves among the charitable.

Neo Tuxedo said...

Each moment, each statement, each complaint exists in isolation, with no knowledge or memory of the past.

A phenomenon which I have often noticed.
So rudely forc'd
Jug Jug

12xuser said...

I myself hate all that fundraising bullshit. Every fall, every school-related organization recruits underage children to act as thier fundraisers, subjecting them to the humiliating experience of door-to-door sales, filling their heads with the promise of some crappy prize they can earn if they sell hundreds of dollars worth of these goddamned cashew logs. We get every kid in the neighborhood coming to our door, for the elementary school, the junior high school, the high school, the football team, the band, the German club, the Cub Scouts; it just goes on and on.

And why does this happen? Because the brainless right-wing no-tax crowd (I'm looking at you, Mallard Fillmore) won't put the money into the schools that would keep this from happening.

ajm said...

I would WELCOME being harrassed by a co-worker in December 2008 ... it would mean that, in this Godforsaken economy, I actually have a job.

MartyRotten said...

So Mallard doesn't think we should adequately fund public schools and at the same time whines about school fundraisers and yet sees no connection between the two.
I have co workers selling candy bars and I don't mind buying a few to help out the kids, besides I like the candy bars.

Like the bumper sticker says: "It will be a great day when the schools have all the money they need and the Military has to hold a bakesale to buy a bomber."

Michael said...

The Mallard Fillmore holiday season has officially begun: 2 weeks of nonstop bitching!

Anonymous said...

Two weeks?! Micheal, Mallard's been around for 13 YEARS!

Ducky's hatred and contempt for everything related to education and youth permeates every fiber of his being. SOMEONE is going to have to pay for all those swirlies and beatings he got when he was a boy. And if little Cindy's school band can't afford that trip to Capital City to compete, then so much the better!

K.T. said...

I'm at least glad that they quoted Stevie Nicks. Finally!

Kaitlyn said...

Dude, it's so weird having a parent work in a school. Most of these work jokes are like golf jokes.

Though they do ask my mom and other assistants to buy candy (lord knows we did), and sometimes they do.

I think we need to add in anecdotes of our underfunded schools - my high schools was so underfunded, (how underfunded was it?) they cut the German and Latin classes my Sophomore year. These were classes that involved the taping of another class at another richer school in the same county and one teacher sitting in there, making sure the kids behaved. Gone!

When I told this person about my adventures with French 3 my senior year, she asked what school I went to. When I said which one, she just nodded.

I just don't understand why they can't be funded evenly across the same damn district - the rich town in the same county gets all the goodies, the poor town gets nothing.

And people bitch about fundraising efforts. And people bitch about taxes.

I've never had a job, only volunteered. I have seen how little it takes to fall and how weak our safety net is...

basically Tinz can suck it. He has this cushy sinecure position totally not tied to quality, and if he pisses off people, someone will always defend him by saying he's speaking "the truth, however unpopular".

I can't wait for the fruitcake comics! And the poor! persecuted! Christians!

exanonymous said...

You have to admit, this cartoon is an odd view for a self-proclaimed libertarian to take.

Welcome to the world of privatized education. Did you honestly think it would all be anonymous donations by rich persons and tuition?

Libertarians are fine, but I'm somewhat disgusted with the ones who assume that business is pure and politics corrupt. Being chased like a "wounded wildebeest" should be proof enough that private businesses will do ANYTHING for a profit, and succeed regardless of how miserable they make some people.

rewinn said...

"....this cartoon is an odd view for a self-proclaimed libertarian to take...."

Heck, yes. What is more "free market" than choosing to buy or not to buy?

I would suggest that Tinkley is secretly agitating for decent public school funding, but we all know better: Tinkley is just appealing to sad, angry audience, lots in a world that treats them shabbily and desperate for someone to blame.

Pinning the blame on the aristocracy that rip us off and then demand that we blame ourselves for being ripped off ... is too hard for Tinkley's crowd.

So they hate the loving daddy who is willing to annoy his coworkers to please his daughters. That's Family Values!

I heard Bernie Sanders (on Thom Hartmann last Friday) saying we need to let these angry haters talk it out. Maybe they lost their job, maybe they just can't admit they were fooled by the corporatists. Let them have their say, and then ask:
So what's really bugging you?

Is it that daddy selling candy bars?

Is that really it? Or, is it that we live in a world where the next generation has to beg to get an education?

D Johnston said...

I think we need to add in anecdotes of our underfunded schools

Can do. Until my Sophomore year (2001), my high school did not have any sort of air conditioning. As temperatures in Kansas can easily top 90 degrees during the early autumn, that meant that the school day was cut short for the first month or so.

But that was more like a surface problem. We needed a new school for years, not only because the old one was in bad shape (which it was), but because it wasn't big enough. The city finally approved funds for a new school (last year - great timing, guys). In the interim, we had several "annexes," which were trailers. The entire time I was in high school, I had at least one class a day in a two-room trailer sitting on the outskirts of the campus.

And, of course, we were being reamed the whole time by No Child Left Behind. That insidious bastard was inescapable. No one talked about politics except for NCLB, and everyone was intimately knowledgeable about it. Of course, our school board was too concerned with getting nasty ol' evolution out of the schools (incidentally, an effort which was aided greatly by NCLB) to try and get more funding.

Anonymous said...

The fundamental problem is this, unless more people start privately funding schools without demanding advertising space, or inherently biased views in the classroom (Deny God constantly, tell them that chocolate is healthy, say evolution is a farce), or we give them a larger chunk of taxpayer money..well what else are you going to do.

Now, if we want to get into the kids doing it we have different problems. Most kids are from the same neighborhood, so individually the kids aren't going to make many sales due to competition, and I know that a lot of parents might be worried about their children going door to door.

If Tinsley really wants to see it stop, then he ought to demand that private citizens send money directly to the schools, that private donations increase, because then these things wouldn't be needed.