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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

That damned Lincoln Society

What's Mallard raving about today?

Abraham Lincoln, Illinois.

Considering this is precisely the whisper-based smear campaign which is being waged against the upcoming 44th President, with roughly the same level of actual evidence, today's Mallard is heavily ironic.


12xuser said...

A quibble: What kind of "long-term" plot, whose goal is to publicize something, remains such a secret that it must be discovered by researchers over a hundred years later?

Anonymous said...

Wait, Harry and the Hendersons was born in Kentucky? I'm confused. Why is Harry wearing a bowtie? He never wore a bowtie in the movie, did he? What the hell, man?

Everett said...

Speaking of irony, I was reading up on Millard Fillmore, Mallard's namesake, and learned that after leaving office he joined the Know-Nothing movement. Seems apt.

Kaitlyn said...

I know he had to draw Lincoln, but why?

The ears?

Is he cross-eyed?

rewinn said...

Are we going to get a whole week of this "people from Illinois are bad" stuff?

Wednesday: The band Chicago - was it lip-syncing?

Thursday: Michael Jordan, who left Chicago to play for Washington DC (!!!), was caught on tape involved in over ten personal fouls!

Friday: Obama wears black socks; the Black Sox were from Chicago. Need we say more?

GeoX said...

I wonder what would happen if a liberal-type cartoonist went on for weeks about what a horrendous shithole say Alabama is. I'm sure right-wingers would all take it in stride and not whinged endlessly about élitism and how libruls don't understand the common people.

But hey, it's not just okay it you're a Republican--it's fucking FANTASTIC. We know how those blue staters aren't part of the America-lovin' part of America anyway.

Anonymous said...

This is an absurd comparison which is grossly unfair to the president-elect. I doubt that Obama will bring about a war causing 600,000 Americans to lose their lives, destroy thousands of homes throughout the south, imprison editors, seize newspapers and burn printing presses, and suspend the writ of habeas corpus ilegally.

dlauthor said...

I wonder how long Tinshley struggled to find a way to give Lincoln a penis chin before giving up and drawing the bastard child of Alfred E. Newman and Ron Perlman instead.

I'm guessing about seven beers.

Anonymous said...

The Democrats are fun to watch. Blagojevich the Illinois Governor is facing impeachment and federal prison. Harry Reid told him not to make the Senate seat pick. Blago said "Screw You" and appointed Roland Burris to replace Obama. This is "Blagomania". He played the race card, now what will "Dingy Harry" do? Me thinks Blago has the goods on Obama and Rahm Emanuel. Can the Senate refuse to seat Burris? "Change" yes the liberals want "Change."

Factinista said...

Can the Senate refuse to seat Burris?

Uh, yeah. And they probably will.

Patrick said...

Wow... a Southern revisionist and a GOP hack here?

You guys are a long way from home. Get lost somehow?

Also, that is one of the worst attempts to caricature Lincoln I've seen in a while.

Anonymous said...

Here they go again, the "Jew Haters" bringing relief to the enemy. McKinney, another liberal, I assume Jackson and Sharpton were not available. Sharpton is busy trying to give Clinton's Senate seat to another Kennedy. Possibly Obama will find a job for McKinney. She could always help Hillary. "Change!" Right hafrican? The Dems. stealing the Minnesota seat for Franken who is, at best a half-assed comic, and Clinton's seat to Kennedy who has never held a full time job and could not find her ass with both hands. The Democrats doing what they do best, aside of course, raising your taxes to give more money to the losers in this country. Funny how the libs. bashed Sarah Palin who has more actual experience for office than Obama, Franken and Caroline Kennedy combined.

Kaitlyn said...

Holy shit what is with these trolls?

They're freakin' me out man!

Did any of you touch my meds?

fuckreagan said...

Tinsley, please, do not complain about Jesse Jackson. I fucking hate Jesse Jackson and do not want to share a belief with you. You define "losers" as impoverished veterans, guys who are in desperate need of welfare, disability and health care, poor men in general, Communists, heretics and guys who support all the Republican bullshit. Many men need help and countries that cannot support them do not deserve to be considered free. Rich assholes, like you, are the only ones who disagree.

fuckreagan said...

I meant guys who do not support Republican bullshit.

Anonymous said...

"Funny how the libs. bashed Sarah Palin who has more actual experience for office than Obama, Franken and Caroline Kennedy combined."

What's it like at night when the demons come?

Everett said...

Hey DaveyK,

I love this blog, but you need to attract a better class of trolls. These are the worst sort: pig-ignorant and dumber than a box of bricks, but self-aware enough to recognize that fact and post anonymously. Perhaps you could take advantage of that lovely "Delete Comment" function in blogger and save us the trouble of ignoring them... :)


WV: paliging - the dry-heaves any sensible American gets when contemplating a Palin presidency.