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Thursday, December 18, 2008

That damned Holiday Special

What's Mallard raving about today?

Holiday Specials.

Man, Mallard is extra-strength cranky this Holiday.

He's so pissed off by the fact that it is the Holidays he's stopped complaining about Democrats.

Still, whenever strips like this appear, I like to remind myself that a newspaper somewhere paid good money to put it on its OpEd page out of some notion of political balance.


K.T. said...




Michael said...

It would be equally true if you replace each instance of "holiday special" with "Mallard Fillmore".

Word ver: fluman

Factinista said...

Can we just change the title of the comic to "Bruce Tinsley Complains About Things He Doesn't Like" and get it over with?

confused said...

I've been trying to think of what Mallard/Bruce does like. So far, I have:

* Alcohol
* Complaining
* Drawing penis chins

exanonymous said...

If you don't like holiday specials, don't watch television!

The fact that I need to explain it also explains my grief with him and those like him. There's complaints meant to be tongue-in-cheek observations and then there's complaints that just make you look lazy and stupid.

Complaining more than once about television is the latter. Just throw it out the window, you'll feel a lot better Mallard.

ajm said...

If mediocre TV specials are the biggest thing Tinsley has to worry about in late 2008, he's leading a VERY cushy life...

Rey said...

This is the most in-your-face duck crotch shot we've seen in quite a while. An early present from Tinz.

rewinn said...

"More Things Tinkley Doesn't Likes"

* Hope

* Pants

* Happiness at Christmas

* Normal Chins

Mr. Fourdotellipse said...

Was the Christmas special he was watching Glenn Beck's "The Christmas Sweater?"

34 years ago my car broke down on a cross country trip and I got stuck in Wumsutter (sp?) Wyoming which at the time only received 1 TV station. With the only open business besides the motel a cafe-gas station, I was stuck watching Christmas specials - both Mac Davis and Donny & Marie Osmond. Closest I ever came to suicide. Still, if I could take it without whining, so should Mallard!

Michael said...

"Television, I'll be keeping my eye on you the next few years... Every day, in fact, until I die alone on this couch with this box of whiskey in my hand."

rewinn said...

Where's the Walter Williams Christmas Special???

MartyRotten said...

I hate to admit it, but I do agree with him about most holiday specials (of course, leave it to Tinsley to pick an easy target.) The only exceptions are A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS, HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS (the original, not the movie) and A CHRISTMAS STORY (You'll shoot your eye out kid!!)
And a Happy Winter Solstice to all!!!