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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

That damned Playoff

What's Mallard raving about today?

Barack Obama, College Football.

Given how often Mallard bitches about the BCS, I would think that would be enough for him.


exanonymous said...

If that's the only common ground, than Mallard should perhaps retire because he's speaking for the average man, and the average person voted in Obama.

I'm also happier with a president I don't have much in common with. For one thing, I expect them to be smarter than me. And better spoken and more diplomatic.

Michael said...

If you struggle that hard to find common ground with a pragmatic centrist, I don't think the fault lies with Obama.

Here, I'll help you...

Since Tinsley said he's "had [his] doubts from the beginning" about the Iraq War, you may like the fact that Obama was one of the few politicians to publicly oppose the march to war - and, unlike you, he bravely spoke out against it.

Since you claim to be a libertarian, you can agree with Obama's choice to give more authority to the Privacy and Civil Liberties Board, and his pledge to "close Guantánamo, reject the Military Commissions Act and adhere to the Geneva Conventions."

Since you think "taxes are too high, educational standards are too low, and that the 'radicals' of the '60s and '70s now set the establishment's politically correct media agenda," you should like his lower and middle class tax cuts; his commitment to education; and that as the first post-boomer president, his pragmatic centrism and inclusiveness can help mend the rifts created in the turbulent '60s and '70s.

Or you can keep pretending that he is utterly without merit because of the "D" after his name... However, since Obama compromised his integrity by voting for the FISA deal, you do have something in common with him!

Toots McGee said...


rewinn said...

Oh, Michael, that's gonna leave a bruise!

... unless (against all expectation) Tinkley takes your well-documented little essay to heart and starts drawing a real Libertarian comic. I would disagree with about half of it, but it'd have a way chance at being funny.

Most American Libertarians (at least, those I've met in person or online) are, like Mallard, "Libertarian" only on things that affect themselves, and not others, e.g. Torture? It's bad for them, but o.k. for dusky-skinned people from hard-to-spell places.

Call them "Situational Libertarians"

P.S. Obama wears a flag pin, Mallard doesn't. Another thing they don't have in common.

Scanman said...

I thought this was funny but not in the way Tinsley intended. He should reinvent the character of Mallard as a right wing crank from the point of view of the other guys. It might make for a better comic.

Kaitlyn said...

I don't have tons in common with the president-elect, which, as ex said, is a good thing. You don't want me as your leader.

So this is his big post election cartoon?

I feel ripped off. :(

But tomorrow's the last day of classes, an' I only have 4 exams an' I have a hundred in history.

But still. I expected more (or is it less?) from him.

rewinn said...

Obama is half-black and half-white. Mallard is half-black and half-green.

Obama wears a shirt and pants. Mallard wears a shirt but no pants.

Obama is the first black president. Mallard is the first duck newscaster.

Obama loves Michelle. Mallard loves Chantel.

Geez - they have a lot in common. If only Mallard would try!

Michael said...

And they both wanted a black president this year.

Anonymous said...

Think about it. After all that time and money spent during the election, what actually was the outcome? Another black family living in government housing!

p.s. Michael...what drugs do you take? You actually believe what you say concerning Obama? You really did believe what he said he would do and could do during the campaign. The mind of a true liberal, how sad.

MartyRotten said...

Interesting article about Tinsley. And once again I see the claim that he's the counterpoint to Doonesbury and then says he's been hitting the Republicans pretty hard lately. Oh really? Aside from whining about McCain not being conservative enough to suit him he's been mostly focusing on how much he hates Obama and the Democrats. Doonesbury on the other hand will be just as hard on Obama as it was on Bush.

When you favor only one side over another, you're not writing satire, you're writing propaganda.

dlauthor said...

Gee, Tinzanonymous -- why not put that black-people-in-government-housing joke in your strip? Maybe then more newspapers would drop it.

exanonymous said...

Heh, tell a racist joke once and it's just not funny. Tell a racist joke twice and you just look sad.

rewinn said...

Michael ZOMG thanks for reminding us once again about Walter Williams.

It makes Tinzanonymous's hate joke a little odder ... does his left lobe know what his right lobe is thinking?

If by "Republicans" one means "Booze" then it's evident Tinkley's been hitting them pretty hard. Has anyone ever seen him draw any Republican except McCain (who he attacks as too liberal)?

"... tell a racist joke once and it's just not funny. Tell a racist joke twice and you just look sad ..."

Heh! I gotta steal that line!