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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Those damned youth

What's Mallard raving about today?

Santayana, Youth.

Mallard's concept of Democracy: Extend the vote to only those voters with which he agrees.

Spectacularly, he sees no irony in this fact and today's complaint.


exanonymous said...

This comic makes absolutely no sense.

What history here exactly are we doomed to repeat? The one in alternate Mallard-verse where a youngish popular intelligent won a popular vote after years of unpopular conservatism and then sold the country to Hitler and Satan?

12xuser said...

In Mallard's world, college students are ignorant of history, but hockey Moms, gun-toting NASCAR Dads, and evolution-denying fundamentalist God-botherers are all "Yes, but what did Metternich really achieve at the Congress of Vienna?"

Anonymous said...

Santayana? Is that like the Russian Santa?

Kyle said...

Mallard's actually got a point here.

The populace votes in 12 years of Harding/Coolidge/Hoover, giving us economic policies that lead to failure, then is forced to vote for FDR to try and rectify the mess.

The 1980s gave us Reaganomics (essentially the same theories as Harding and Coolidge, only with the added wonderfulness of deficit spending on kooky weapons programs and a war on, drugs). These policies culminated in a nasty recession in the early 1990s, which Clinton had to clean up.

Then 2000 gave us Dubya, and once against "conservative" *wink*wink* economic policies gave us the current economic climate, which a Democrat is once again charged with fixing.

However, since this was written by Bruce Tinsley we know there isn't this much thought being put into the sentiment so there's that.

Robert said...

When it comes to Santayana, I'm more a fan of Abraxas than his later work with Rob Thomas.


Michael said...

"Americans are ignorant." Thanks, Mallard, for your brilliant insight.

And anyway, last month proved that Americans have a pretty good recollection of the last eight years.

12user: Haha, well said.

rewinn said...

The problem with Tinkley's crew is not that they can't remember things ... it's that the things they remember never actually happened.

Like Reagan balancing the budget or George W Bush finding WMDs in Iraq.

Rootbeer said...

I don't practice Santayana, I ain't got no crystal ball.