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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

That damned IRA

What's Mallard raving about today?

Santa Claus, Investment Accounts.

Santa Claus, with all of his magic, can't fix the Global Economy?

Instead, I am left to hope that a group of total incompetents (all of whom who lack the brains to bail on the Bush Administration three years ago) lead by a totally incompetent President will manage to fix the economy on their way out of town.

I think I'll go drink hemlock now.


Michael said...

Santa made a reference to the economic downturn! I think I just busted a gut laughing!! Someone call the hospital!

Look on the bright side, kid. For Xmas, your dad is getting a free lesson in proper asset allocation and risk tolerance.

12xuser said...

Remember, this kid thinks Santa Claus is Barack Obama.

Also, toilets? Comedy gold.

rewinn said...

So if this is the kid who thinks Santa is Barack Obama ... and Santa is being realistic about the economy ...

... did Tinkley just say something positive about Obama?


My 1st thought when I read the comic was "No wonder the kid looks sad. He can't use the bathroom 'cuz it's his daddy home office."

exanonymous said...

Technically, it's only the reindeer that fly.

Anonymous said...

Why on earth is Santa looking at the readers when he's talking to the kid?

Kaitlyn said...

Is anybody happy in Mallard land?