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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

That damned Market

What's Mallard raving about today?

The BCS, Barack Obama.

Without stipulating to Mallard's point, I would like to point out that this moment in history, one in which the Free Market collapsed the entire World's economy, is an odd one to be taking sides with the side of the Market. Good luck with that.

I'd also like to point out that it is the Bush Administration which is currently nationalizing the Banking Industry, will ultimately nationalize the Auto Industry, and eventually probably the Airlines.


Michael said...

The punchline is that Obama is a socialist? Is Tinsley in semi-retirement like Art Bell in the Philippines, or has he been on a bender since election night?

Even the most partisan Republicans are moving past the election season hyperbole. If Mallard isn't able to move on a month after the election, I think McCain will need to take him aside and explain that Obama is a decent person and that he doesn't need to be scared.

exanonymous said...

I wonder how he thinks of ideas.
Is there like a dice?

1: Beat dead horse
2: Liberal strawman/caveman
3: Hate government employees
4: Hate teachers
5: Echo talking point with no new material
6: Roll again. If rolled 3 times in a row, use non-political joke that might or might not be funny.

Anonymous said...

Bruce Tinsley = Luke Rhinehart? You may be on to something there.

12xuser said...

This is just bullshit, in the Harry Frankfurt "On Bullshit" philosophical sense. Tinsley doesn't know and doesn't care what is actually true about Obama; his point is to mislead, and he will say anything, true or false, to advance that point.

Seriously, it's not hard at all to find examples of Obama's support for "market solutions". Of course, Tinsley's readers aren't likely to drop their paper and do that.

I must repeat, I don't understand the need to have only one winner at the end of the college football season. Why should some guy in Indiana care whether the number one team in the country is from Alabama or Idaho? And if he does care, why shouldn't he be able to argue his position, playoff or not? The Cleveland Browns stomped the New York Giants this year, and I don't think that anyone believes that Cleveland is the better team.

dlauthor said...

Michael: rather than going on a "bender," I think Tinshley's more likely to have spent the past month sitting at his "desk"* in his rapidly greying boxers and undershirt, curtains drawn, empty pizza boxes stacked to one side, weakly-crushed Coors cans each containing half an inch of backwash to the other, a grimy bottle of Wild Turkey in hand. Eyes heavy-lidded, hair even messier than in his mugshot, a pathetic growth of beard on his cheeks. Occasionally grumbling and farting, neither aimed at anyone in particular.

12xuser: Tinshley's readers may not be willing to drop their papers, but papers sure are willing to drop Tinshley these days! Wakka wakka!

Word verification: "squit."

* Folding card table set up in garage.

GeoX said...

12xuser nails it perfectly. It doesn't matter if Tinsley's 'points' have any relationship with the real world, and they rarely do.

Just to pick nits with this post, may I note that the word you're looking for is probably something like "accede?" Definitely not "stipulate."

word verification: sessess

rewinn said...

It is rude to point out that football is a high regulated market?

There are rules, referees, and penalties for recruiting violations.

Take away the referees, and what happens? Players invite fans down onto the field; bond rating companies slap "Triple-A" on any old garbage 'cuz they want the business.

I do think we're seeing some sort of playoff between Goldman Sachs and Congress. So far, Sachs is up by a couple Trillion.


12x: Tinkley seems to have read Orwell, but gotten the lesson backwards. I'd like to ask him if Oceania has ALWAYS been at war with EastAsia.

Verification word "sklin" - what we'll be left standing in after the Bush Administration finishes its plunder.

jim said...

The REAL joke here is that Bush has now done more to advance socialism (for banks & corporations) than anyone since the rise of the USSR. A "market solution" for football? Yeah, save me the roach from that, Mr. Tinsley.

You've now exposed me to the world of wonder that is Mallard Fillmore ... but it's okay, I forgive you.

(word verification: jodipeat[!])

Factinista said...

I have to disagree with Mallard here. The current system is the market solution. There are 34 bowl games, each one offering a multi-million dollar payout to the participants, as well as naming rights to whatever company wants the great publicity. Not to mention that every last one of them is nationally televised, giving advertisers a great window to consumers.

On the other hand, a playoff system would leave us with fewer postseason games, resulting in a smaller number of teams being in the postseason as a whole, but giving more teams access to a National Championship they may not really deserve as much. Sounds like socialism to me!

Kaitlyn said...

Pushing politics aside, what the fuck is he talking about? I know we say that every day, but I really do not understand and have not since the first time college football popped up here.

Does college football not have playoffs like college basketball?

Is that what all those bowl games are about in December and January?

I barely understand football, so it should come as no surprise that I don't understand the BCS.

Factinista said...

There are no playoffs in college football. The two top-ranked teams play one game at the end of the season to determine the champion. All the other bowl games are really just there for the money.

Anonymous said...

Good News...
This is great. Now if they can stop the "weasel" in Minnesota from stealing that recount and keep McCain on the "Right Side" of the isle.

Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) won his runoff election, denying the Democrats a 60-seat supermajority. How'd he do it? Conservatism, not compromise or moderation.

Anonymous said...

Dear Conservative Answer Man: I want to troll liberal blogs, but I am a sniveling coward and start crying when they say mean things back at me. What can I do?

Dear Anonymous: Just hide until the middle of the night and then post your insane, racist ranting right before a new thread starts.

Anonymous said...

Wow so basically we are going to have 4+ years of Tinsley complaining about the Obama Administration. I for one wonder how this man managed to survive the Clinton Administration.

GeoX said...

If we can remember back six years, we may recall that Dear Old Saxby initially won his Senate seat by running ads accusing a triple-amputee war hero of being a terrorist sympathizer. I am happy to agree with Tinznonymous that this counts as "conservatism." I'm sure John McCain would too.

word verification: uvism

12xuser said...

Dear Anonwhatever,

Here in Minnesota, if we want to slam Al Franken, it's "clown", "doofus", "Angry Al", stuff like that. "Weasel", however, belongs exclusively to Norm.

If Sax Chambliss had lost, it would have been a huge upset, another nail in the coffin of bankrupt conservative ideology, and something noone would have predicted a year ago. As it is, a Republican gasbag winning a race in fucking Georgia is not news.

Sorry, everyone, but I just couldn't resist feeding the troll.

Marion Delgado said...

no, no, exanonymous. On a roll of 6 you take a small but substantial little drink.