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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

That damned Walter Williams

What's Mallard raving about today?

Walter Williams, the Media, running for President.

Last night at my usual time I went online to find today's installment of the deranged duck and it did not show up. All I could think is that "the man" was preventing Mallard from threatening an African-American. Except, of course that Mary Worth and Apartment 3G did not show up either. So the man was also thwarting meddlesome retirees who are currently visiting Vietnam and a trio of spunky New Yorkers who should be lesbians, but aren't.

At any rate, now that we find out the little "twist" in Mallard's fiendish publicity stunt, I have to say it's even lamer than I'd feared. And, for what it is worth, this does not technically constitute a threat.

About the only thing I feel compelled to mention about today's panel is that I am not sure what the hell being a bon vivant has to do with anything. Unless, of course, we consider the distinct possibility that Mallard does not actually know what bon vivant means. Perhaps Mr. Williams spends his time "guest hosting" for Rush Limbaugh talking about food and wine?


tBone said...

Lovely. It looks like this is going to be a crazy week in Mallard's world. Looking forward to every poorly-worded thought.

Anonymous said...

I'm now convinced that this strip is actually being drawn by liberal secularists out to demonize the conservative movement and to make the GOP seem like the party of kooks, half-wits, and ignorant twits.

luke said...

I have advanced that theory before:

There's ample evidence for it. I have similar suspicions about Fred Phelps.

Whoa, it asked me for a word verification without giving me any word. Crazy.

dlauthor said...

Nah. If you said that about Phelps and Tinshley, you'd have the say the same thing about Limbaugh and O'Reilly and Hannity and Coulter and Savage and Beck and Malkin and the Free Republic and Perkins and Dobson and pretty much all of Fox News.

Tinshley was not Stephen Colbert before there was a Stephen Colbert. He's a drunken, talentless crank with way too much access to an audience.

Chance said...

So what does this Williams guy ACTUALLY do on Rush's show when he's "guest hosting," as Tinsley apparently euphemistically calls it?