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Thursday, January 25, 2007

That damned us

What's Mallard raving about today?

China, Obesity, Freedom, Democracy, Respect for Human Rights.

You think it "may be" something they picked up from us? For example, could the recent appearance of fast food franchises like KFC and McDonald's in China have anything to do with it? None of which explains the need to place "shocking" in quotes.

And what happened to Rex Morgan, MD? Why did he get replaced by this featureless blob?


dlauthor said...

Didn't you hear? The battle against political correctness has been won, fellow patriot! Now we are all free to depict Chinese children as ... somewhat creepy, eyeless creatures with toothless mouths in the middle of their faces.


Anonymous said...

Did he say "respect for human rights"? Tinsley needs to crawl out of his bottle and take a look at what his party has done.

Slappy Handstrong said...

I think Tinsley has beautiully captured this obese Chinese persons horror as he/she realizes they are in one of his lame cartoons. Well done!

And Bruce, you found the strength and moral fortitude to draw a Chinese person after all- way to sock it to "the man."

Erich said...

I see that he got around the problem of drawing a Chinese character without making it an offensive caricature, covering his face with his hands. Okay, so he didn't get around it at all.

Slappy Handstrong said...

** "beautiFully"

Kaitlyn said...

Where's that kid's face???????

GloriousKyle said...

I just figured it out- I think he's supposed to be holding a hamburger.
Looks like the colorist missed that too.

john said...

If you didn't know Mallard better, this cartoon could easily be read as a critique of our human rights record in recent years.

IF you didn't know him better!

Anonymous said...

Sadly, "respect for human rights" is now an empty phrase in TSA, "Homeland Security" America, where everything Jefferson, Washington, or Coolidge valued has been thrown out in the name of "security." This dopey alky shouldn't even be in a young Republican college rag.