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Sunday, January 28, 2007

That damned anticipation

What's Mallard raving about today?

Remotes, pillows, the Super Bowl.

To summarize: Mallard is excited about the Super Bowl. Thanks for sharing.

Things worth noting, as they provide a glimpse into the mind and character of Mallard:
  • Mallard's barely contained rage at his remotes.
  • Mallard confuses fluffing pillows with tossing them.
  • Mallard presents his ass to the reader.
  • Shall we assume that is not a soda he is drinking?
One final note. I am prepared to be convinced, should a commenter want to take a stab at this, that this panel is not, in fact, about the Super Bowl, but is actually a screed concerning Big Government and the wastefulness of the Emergency Broadcast System.


Anonymous said...

Panel 4 is just about the most horrific thing I have ever seen.

dlauthor said...

Interesting how he shifts from ranting about those fat-ass, dog-eating Chinese kids straight to plopping his gigantic ass in a chair with a double-armload of junk food to practice watching the Super Bowl.

connection said...

just another excuse to binge drink and hump the couch... last month it was 'practice for Christmas'.