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Monday, January 22, 2007

Those damned coaches

What's Mallard raving about today?

Football season, coaches, cash.

For God's sake, Mallard said "To coaches" then got wrapped up in his bitching and moaning and forgot to end the sentence in a manner recognizeable to the English-speaking world.

Is it just me, or is Mallard getting more incoherent recently?


Kaitlyn said...

His arrest made him drink more.

Plus, the 'English-speaking world'?

Oh, way to kowtow to other nations, DaveyK. We're Americans, we speak American, we don't need those other countries, you filthy commie.

I'm watching you.

Colts and Bears at the Super Bowl! And Prince!

If he makes a cartoon about Prince, duck a l'orange would make a great Super Bowl Sunday snack, don't you think?

Just read it - Yay, more rhymes, I'm so happy!

Pinball said...

Ok, this post momentarily confused me... since Mallard wears his UK helmet whenever he talks about sports, I thought it meant Rick Brooks was leaving. A quick Google seems to indicate he's not, so I'm not sure what set him off. Then again, whatever it was may have been weeks ago, given how long it took for his strip about UK's bowl win to appear. I wondered why that was, then realized that he must draw his dailies farther ahead than most cartoonists in case he gets arrested again.

john said...

I think it's a pretty clear reference to Nick Saban.

Don said...

No. By the way, I'm treading on your turf:

Don said...

Feh I meant

Slappy Handstrong said...

I sure hope that steaming pile left on the field is a football. Either that, or it's Mallards next cartoon...

saggapagga said...

Oh God this "ode" is going to last all week I know it