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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Those damned Bowl Games

What's Mallard raving about today?

Bowl Games, Boise State.

I truly love panels like this because it affirms that Mallard is not just an irrational, frothing-at-the-mouth, right-wing crank. In fact, he's an irrational, frothing-at-the-mouth, general purpose crank (with an admittedly right-wing bent).

That said the drawing of the bronco, whose head (or arms) appear to have been placed onto his body backwards, is just creeping me out.


Pantsman said...

This duck is a mental patient. At least he's finally wearing appropriate headgear for someone with his 'special' needs. But what is the symbol on the helmet? U.K.? (For 'uninformed knucklehead') An asterisk? (For *NOTE: Insane rantings not to be taken seriously by humans.)

That horse really freaks me out too. To draw it, I think Tinsley just traced the last time he tried to draw Hillary Clinton.

Saggasaggasagga said...

For the love of hell people can't want him to keep doing strips in rhyme why won't he stop WHY WON'T HE FUCKING STOP

Anonymous said...

I like the first line of this strip because it implies that Mallard even pisses off his fans (and I'm sure there are people stupid enough to like this cartoon).

john said...

Upon closer inspection (these are loafers lol) ... the insignia on his helmet says "UK," I guess for University of Kansas (Kentucky?), but at first glance, it looked like a poorly drawn Yankees logo to me.

That said, Mallard is right - college football needs a playoff system. Boise State absolutely deserved a chance to play for the national title.

And yes, the drawing is horrible and the poem a flop ... O how I wish Bruce Tinsley would stop ... When he wrote it, I'm sure his knee got a slap, 'cause conservatives laugh at the stupidest crap ...

Now, just throw a badly drawn picture of a knee, and I'll be a syndicated cartoonist.

PS: He won't stop because without rhymes, it would be considerably more obvious that there is no joke in the panel. Tinsley obviously has no knack for phrasing things in a clever or humorous way, so he rhymes them instead.

Matt Gill said...

I did some research here: It was back on December 20 when the Duck's inexplicable series on bad holiday food inexplicably began rhyming. And, except for a few breaks to complain about the media, he has rhymed for four weeks straight. It's infiltrated my mind in a way I just hate.


Scanman said...

I'm definitely confused at what Mallard is trying to say. Is he insulting Boise State? I thought so because of the B.O. on that creature's shirt. B.O. just like P.U. for Princeton University. Ha Ha. But I had no clue what the "O" stands for. I looked at it a second time and realized the B was actually a 13, and that was the record of Boise State.

But if Mallard is calling for LESS bowl games, Boise State would most likely not be considered for a chance at the championship despite their record.

john said...

That is why they need a PLAYOFF TOURNAMENT - it works in every other sport. I mean, look at college basketball. That is a HUGE event, and everyone loves it.

Playoffs are the way to go!