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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

That damned Fidel

What's Mallard raving about today?

Saddam Hussein, Fidel Castro.

While President Bush gears up his PR machinery for a war against Iran and Syria, the delusional Mallard is advocating for war against Cuba.

Enough said.


Kaitlyn said...

Is the guy in the picture Saddam or Fidel?

I think Saddam, because Fidel's always had a grey beard, but Saddam's looked grey during the trial, so bah.

He doesn't want war with Cuba, silly, he just wants Fidel to die already.

Which may happen sooner rather than later, right?

What would a war with Cuba accomplish anyway?

The USSR ain't around to give 'em weapons now...

And didn't Mallard see the Simpsons? Fidel was ready to call it quits 'we knew this communism thing wouldn't work out from the start' when he 'looked with his hands' at the trillion dollar bill.

I need sleep.

Political 'comics' should not have a two week lag time, unless they have a decent story/characters to rely on, so they don't look so lame.

Sumpity said...

I don't think he's angling for war with Cuba, he's just relishing the prospect of someone's apparently imminent death. I can't be bothered to make the Duck/Vulture crack, but that's what it is.

ackle said...

And for the love of God why won't he stop with the rhymes?

My word verification is "thhhh".

luke said...

I think this is the first comic strip I've ever seen that makes reference to the smell of rotting flesh.

GeoX said...

Apparently, Tinsley thinks "Fidel" is pronounced like the first two syllables of "fidelity." Either that, or he's just too drunk to care. It's always a tough call with Tinz.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me Saddam wouldn't have to wait for Fidel to pass on. Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Pinochet, etc. should provide company for him-it's not like Saddam was the only evil genocidal dictator ever.

luke said...

Looking at it a second time I have to wonder about the line "word is, he's lonely way down there in Hell." Does this mean Tinsley communicates with the devil?

Anonymous said...

So, how long 'till we see the liberals of the MF universe mourning Saddam's death because it "justifies" the invason of Iraq?

packerchu said...

Dude, I thought it was Mel Gibson at first.

C'mon, Bruce, You HAVE to remember the "Franco's still dead" line. It's about as current as anything else you've scrawled.