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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

That damned Howard Dean

What's Mallard raving about today?

Walter Williams, Howard Dean.

Three days into this "storyline" and Mallard already thinks it's a grass roots movement?

Someone has a seriously over-inflated ego.


Kaitlyn said...

So Howard Dean's campaign started with a leftwing comic's suggestion that he run?

And Mallard questioning anyone's insanity is well, insane. I think he's talking about the scream, which I think was overplayed - I think the dems need someone with that sort of energy - maybe not to run, but to get us excited about the election.

But no, Howard Dean's nuts, according to the "liberal media".

dlauthor said...

Yeah, nuts enough to have kicked Tinshley's party of choice's ass in 2006.

I've never seen anything short of psycho online fan-fiction break the fourth wall (or possibly ignore it completely) in as deludedly self-aggrandizing a manner as regularly happens in Mallard. You could pretty much look up "delusions of grandeur" in the dictionary now, and there'd be a mug shot of a disgruntled ape with Nick Nolte Hair glaring back at you.

Fassabassatitoo said...

"Have you heard the one about Howard Dean? I think that guy's nuts!"


txjammer said...

Kinda like a Rease's bar.
2 old jokes in one comic panel

B said...

Mallard sure is convinced the republicans need a black presidential candidate. Alan Keyes must be pissed.

Anonymous said...

Tinsley's just recycling his "Coburn for President" strips.

Chance said...

I've been reading the archives since I was introduced to this site a few days back, and I have composed poetry in Mallard's honor.

Ode To Mallard Fillmore

Oh "antidote" to Doonesbury
We lib'ruls are gettin' worried
By your wit and cutting insight
Your apt jibes make us run in fright
Your use of faultless logic, too
Could make us change our whole world-view
We've been brainwashed by lib'rul news
Been denied any chance to choose
The correct, right-wing things to think
Spouted by a duck with a drink
So now you've opened our blind eyes
Thank you Mallard, now please just die
Really, we mean it, just please die
You crazy, cranky, ign'rant loon
You poorly drawn, drunken cartoon
Who'd like a Fuhrer for a leader
And who writes stupid doggerel that shows a complete lack of understanding of the principles of rhythm or meter
Really, can't you die?

So much depends on
a red wheel barrow

glazed with water

containing a limp, lifeless duck wearing a tie.

Anonymous said...

As the resident conservative Republican who despises Mallard, Bush/Cheney and the neo-cons, let me add that Mr. Williams is probably very embarrassed by this bizarre gibberish, and if he's not, he damn well should be. If MF starts backing my man Ron Paul, then I'll be worried.

Anonymous said...

Reading Mallard Fillmore reminds me of children. Specifically, the ones who tell jokes that are so hysterical they can't even finish them, and when you finally get the punchline out, you are left more confused than you started.

Q:Why did the chicken cross the road?
A:Because Scooby Doo ate the train!

The biggest difference is that it's cute on a kid and not on an adult. This is of course once one removes the venom, immaturity, stupidity, and disconnection with people's opinion that Mallard demonstrates.

Oops, there's no strip then!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember 1980?

Judge Schmells: ...and I'm no slouch myself.

Ty Webb: Don't sell yourself short, Judge. Your a tremendous slouch.

xlycqx said...

This is the last guy Mallard endorsed:

That's Tinsley's idea of someone in their "right mind"? GET THERAPY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD