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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Those damned pies

What's Mallard raving about today?

Walter Williams, Rush Limbaugh, YAF, fundraisers, pies.

You know, when this week started I knew it would be dreadful. I never imagined it would be so goddamn boring.

Wake me when this is over.


jacobus said...

i don't...get it? what's the implication here? how does "don't go on the rush limbaugh show" flow into "he speaks on college campuses"? and where does the "pie" reference come from?

i think we're seeing the ravages of withdrawl here, maybe?

txjammer said...

Unfortuanately there's already a strip called "Non Sequitor"

john said...

The pie thing is a reference to Ann Coulter getting pied, I believe. It just gets to the heart of conservative crybabyism - they can say anything they want, but try to introduce them to a little slapstick humor, and suddenly they're all like "don't throw pies at us! You're mean!"

Erich said...

I'm still waiting for him to actually THREATEN Williams, as he promised he would in Monday's strip.

jvwalt said...

Ever since the November election, Tinsley has been desperately short of material. (His arrest may also have chastened him somewhat. Or maybe he does his best work while under the influence.)

Can't talk about the issues... they've all gone to hell. Bush's support keeps dropping to historic lows, and the conservatives are divided and dispirited. So we get extended musings on fruitcake and other holiday foods, and a week's worth of fawning over a guy who occasionally sits in Rush's pre-warmed, if not pre-wet, chair (ugh). If he wasn't such a talentless jerk, I'd almost pity poor Brucey.

Matt said...

I miss the rhyming.

GeoX said...

William Kristol and David Horowitz were also pie victims. Part of me wants to laugh, but part of me gets really fucking annoyed--the ONLY possible result of such incidents is to allow conservatives to portray themselves as poor innocent victims. I sorta wanna smack the kids who thought this would be a good form of protest.

And I'm also waiting for the THREAT that we were promised--even if he had been able to get the media's attention this time (a likely story), he sure wouldn't be able to in the future if he gets a "boy who cried wolf" reputation.

john said...

One thing about the pies, though, is that conservatives will always portray themselves as victims. That's just what they do. It's not nice and it's not really mature, but it isn't harmful, either. Are college kids expected to always take the high road, especially with regards to adults who never do?

Then my better nature returns, and I say "ehh, you shouldn't do that." But deep down, I find it pretty amusing.