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Monday, February 05, 2007

Those damned doctors

What's Mallard raving about today?

Walter Williams, Howard Dean, the D.N.C., Doctors.

There's so much wrong with today's panel it's hard to know what is the most irksome.

The fact that he didn't stop his Walter Williams inanity?

The fact that he believes his one week effort will have led to a groundswell of support?

The fact that he keeps publishing the man's email address?

The fact that he believes Howard Dean almost became President?

In the end, however, I have to choose the fact that Mallard makes an abortion pun and implies that every doctor in the world can't help but looking at all things through the prism of abortion, presumably because all physicians are dratted abortionists.

No matter how you consider today's panel, the phrase "Have you no sense of decency, sir?" seems the appropriate response.


xhkbsti said...

Holy shit, now you've explained that to me I have to say that this is the worst thing Tinsley's written yet.


Kaitlyn said...

Yes, I had no idea hwat he meant by 'd and c' and 'I'm a doctor.'

Just makes him more of a disgusting asshole. (I remember another abortion comic he did - the headline was something about no death penalty for X, followed by, gee, I guess every life is sacred. Following cartoon. A sad pregnant woman caressing her stomach, thinking, "Not everyone's." Hello, idiot, you're that far along, no one;s going to force an abortion on you!! Christ!)

I had no idea Dean was a OB/GYN. *eyeroll*

Perhaps he's parodying grassroots campaigns?

Perhaps he's batshit crazy?


Still haven't heard from Williams. I should not have been honest - I should have said, I worship you, I want to get in on this groundswell campaign now!

And where was the fucking joke????

This tripe runs on the comics page in other papers, right? So shouldn't it have the appearance of a joke? Something lame? A political knock-knock?

luke said...

I held off emailing Williams the first time, but I couldn't resist with this second appearance of his email address. I gave him links to the strips in question and said:

"Are you okay with this grassroots campaign? Are you going to respond to the strips at all?

I'm just wondering, because if it were me, these strips would be quite disconcerting, especially if he plans to keep it up for several weeks."

Kaitlyn is right, we should start emailing him with a variety of addresses showing support for his campaign. Scare the hell out of him.

The last panel of today's strip makes me think Tinsley hasn't had a physical in 25 years because he's afraid they'll put a mind-control chip in his head or something.

Kaitlyn said...

I gave him links, too!

I was quite respectful, I think.

I said, I disagree with your views, but I am honestly curious.

Stil no reply, but you know, his e-mail ends in .edu. EDU. That means educator! And Mallard supports him?!

Must be a big hoax.

pytdep said...


That's it.

The one good thing as that he didn't mention the motherfucking scream again.

GeoX said...

Ha! You liberals may dismiss the awe-inspiring grassroots Draft Walter Williams campaign that's spreading like wildfire across the nation, but if you think it's so substantial, what do you say to the Official Draft Walter Williams Weblog? Huh? Huh? LIBERALS.

luke said...

I tried being respectful... I didn't even mention anything about his being a conservative or black. I think the strips speak for themselves. Even a hardcore neocon must feel uncomfortable being associated with this weirdo.

Well, maybe not. Judging from that blog, Tinsley and Williams would probably make an adorable couple.

Matt said...

That email address is for my alma mater, George Mason University. I never heard of Walter Williams while I was there (maybe I was just too busy being indoctrinated by the liberal English faculty) and I had never heard of him now until the duck started this mess. I am now embarrassed for my school in so many ways.

Captain Slack said...

As I remarked on WWWMF, my kindly gray-haired mother thinks the "joke" was the equation (Dean = Democrat Party* = abortion = killing black babies).

* Though, to be fair, the one Noise Machine trope Tinshley [love it!] has never, to my knowledge, been guilty of? Using "Democrat" as an adjective.

Kaitlyn said...

If that's the fucking joke, I'm writing into the paper to voice my outrage. Children read this paper! (They could read the op-ed section) If an idiot like Tinshley knows what the fuck 'd and c' means, than so does the avergae memphis kid. Pull this comic now!!!!!

Mysterio said...

Thank you for making me realize just how vile the strip really is. I thought at first it was just a "Hey! Doctors are so egotistical they think they're right even when they're clearly wrong!" joke, but now I know..
Tinsley's ego is amazing, more so when you consider these two weeks worth of strip were written several weeks in advance, so he would have no way of knowing if his "grass roots" campaign took hold. He just assumes that his brillaint spin-doctoring will suceed...

john said...

No, guys, don't you see? It's actually a brilliant strip, as well as a scathing political shot - Tinsley has indicated here that Dean, the DNC chair, is so delusional, that he is worrying about Mallard's (a fictional character) campaign. It's about the worst insult you could think of; someone saying that you are so dumb that you take Mallard Fillmore seriously.

Kaitlyn said...

someone saying that you are so dumb that you take Mallard Fillmore seriously.

His Daily Show strips, anyone?