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Saturday, February 03, 2007

That damned media

What's Mallard raving about today?

The media, African-American Presidential candidates.

The Media keep saying that we're not yet ready for an African-American President?

Care to provide proof for that audacious statement, Mallard?

And simply raising the question does not count, given the fact that the next African-American President we elect will be the first.


GeoX said...

Um...Barack Obama? Am I missing something here?

vhkvek said...

Hooray for passive aggressive racism!

Chance said...

In addition to all its other faults, this is easily the most visually boring "comic strip" ever.

Jacobus said...

gosh, for a guy who throws out citations like candy from a parade float, this strip is particularly bereft of "proof" of his "claim" that americans aren't ready blah blah blah.

oh for god's sake. this citation took my 2 google searches to find: BOOYAH?

Erich said...

No, no, no...the headline should be "THOSE Damned Media." If there's one thing Tinsley's a stickler about, it's that the words "media" and "data" are plural.

Unless you just put it in the singular to annoy him, in which case, carry on.