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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Those damned Valentines

What's Mallard raving about today?

Valentines Day.

Example of truly exceptional writing ability: 17 words in the panel and two of them are "actually."

Depite the overuse of that word, doubtless meant to convice the reader that this is something which really happened, the story is still not funny, interesting, and only underscores that Mallard is an idiot who is unable to recognize junk mail when he sees it.


connection said...

he saved this one for the 'actual' day of Valentines? nothing better than this? not even another clinton 'joke'? *yawn*

Chance said...

Tinsley might as well have just written "I AM A BITTER, LONELY OLD CRANK" in the panel box.

GeoX said...

Maybe he could get ACTUAL Valentines if he weren't such a bitter, misanthropic asshole.

Kaitlyn said...

But he won't stop being a bitter, misanthropic asshole until he gets some Valentines.

Anyone reminded of poor Charlie Brown?

No, Charlie Brown is a lovable character for the ages.

luke said...

Uhh, so Mallard is lonely and depressed? This strip is actually awesome.

Mysterio said...

Given Mallard's sneering contempt of Valentine's day that we saw on Sunday, one would think he'd see not getting any valentine's as a badge of honor.