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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Those damned skeletons

What's Mallard raving about today?

Walter Williams, Howard Dean, skeletons in the closet, murder, molesting interns, Bill Clinton (obliquely).

Mallard hits the trifecta. Abortion joke...check. Slavery joke...check. Pedophilia joke...check.

Still, you have to admire Mallard for the total dishonesty of this panel. Note how he deliberately muddles the Mark Foley scandal (in which underage interns were preyed upon by a Congressman) and the Monica Lewinsky scandal (in which President Clinton had consensual sex with an adult intern).

He's also probably referencing President Clinton with the murder reference, unless you doubt that Mallard believes Bill Clinton murdered Vince Foster, probably with his bare hands.


Slappy Handstrong said...

This whole story is just getting too silly (not to mention tedious). Let me get this straight- Howard Dean is supposed to be terrified by someone who NOBODY'S heard of, who ISN'T running for president because there's NO grassroots movement to support him, and on top of it all- has ZERO chance of winning should he choose to run?

Come on Bruce- this plotline has more holes in it than your liver! You were better when you were bitching about mashed potatoes and that shit sucked!

Roland said...

At least this one doesn't include Williams's email address.

jake said...

he's also probably referencing this: Obama to Quit -- Smoking, That Is.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if a cease and desist was given regarding that.

The last thing you NORMALLY do to someone you like is publically post their email address when you and the strip you post in are controversial and pretty much detested. That's what you do to people you don't like.

But that's when you can actually understand the work 'like' and aren't a poor drunken delusional sod forced to express yourself as a duck in an unfunny comic.

Kaitlyn said...

Yeah, Jake, the smoking thing confirms this has some bizarro connection to Obama.

They're both men.

They're both black.

They both smoke(d?).

They both have opinions about politics, one expresses them eloquently in the Senate, the other writes them out in crayon for

The similarities are endless!

(except, girly girl time, Obama's cuter.)

Kaitlyn said...

I wonder if a cease and desist was given regarding that.

But these are two weeks old.

I know it seems like he's been running this into the ground for two months, but he didn't have the e-mail up there for two weeks.

Maybe Williams got our e-mails, and called the publisher and demanded that his e-mail be edited out of the strip, or he'd sue the crap out of that.

I like that idea.

Brian said...

I think the murder reference is actually Ted Kennedy.

luke said...

If Tinsley references Gerry Studds during the Mark Foley scandal, I'm sure he has no problem assuming Vince Foster is still fresh in everyone's minds.

"a poor drunken delusional sod forced to express yourself as a duck"

Now that shit is funny.

GeoX said...

You know it pains me to give the Tinz the benefit of the doubt, especially given what a racist fucktard he's being with this series, but I think it's sorta reaching to imagine that he's referring to anything specific with the "he killed a person" thing. If someone is alleged to have a deep dark secret, "he killed a guy!" is one of the first things you'd think about ANYONE.