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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

That damned scream

What's Mallard raving about today?

Walter Williams, Howard Dean, waffling, Iowa.

Even if I were to grant that syndicated columnists were prevented from waffling by their paper trail (a claim which I do not grant), based on the fact that Mr. Williams directly compared environmentalists to mass-murdering communists, I would think that being waffling-challenged was the least of the problems his column presents.

Painting himself as a fringe element is probably more to the point.

Sadly for Mallard, the fringe is no longer in control here in America. In fact, I think what we're seeing over the last 2 weeks is actually a delayed reaction to the Midterm elections. It is the frenzied release of months of pent-up frustration over suddenly finding himself marginalized politically.

And yet, the idiocy of all that is actually overshadowed by the tired scream reference and applying the "waffler" sobriquet to Dean when it was actually used to tar Kerry.

You've got to hand it to the duck; just when you think he can't go any lower or get any stupider, he finds that extra gear.


Slappy Handstrong said...

This cartoon reeks from desperation. And gin.

Kaitlyn said...

Buh wha?

I'm about to go to sleep, but that strip makes no damn sense.

Why is Walter Williams name in quotation marks? Do I "want" to "know"?

No abortion joke this time, just a lot of nonsense - and all politicians waffle - Bush won't do nation building in 2000, now we're trying to build a nation we blew to bits.

Good night, stupid duck.

inqwqmgh said...

I guess it had to happen.

Bite me, Tinsley.

Slappy Handstrong said...

How much "mileage" does Tinsley "expect" out of "jokes" from 2004? It's "almost" like the past 3 "years" have been an "alcohol-fueled haze."

dlauthor said...

Q: Why did Bruce Tinsley go to the proctologist?

A: He wanted to find himself.

luke said...

So wait, Dean doesn't want Williams to waffle because... waffling is... good? Wasn't that label used to tarnish Kerry? Does this cartoon ever make sense?

john said...

Hah, yeah, that's funny. Dean yelled once, you know. It sounded funny. He's funnny ...


jvwalt said...

Hey, there's no way this "Walter Williams" guy could be President -- because nobody except Bruce Tinsley knows who the hell he is!

This shows the desperation of the neocon right: Tinsley has to dig all the way down to "Walter Williams" to find a suitable contender for 2008. (Is "Walter Williams" any relation to Mr. Payola, "Armstrong Williams"?)

Even if you set aside the politics, this strip suffers from a complete lack of humor or coherence. And there's the depiction of Howard Dean with a huge chin. It reminds me of those bad sidewalk caricaturists who make everyone look the same.

Mysterio said...

I think Tinsley is letting Ray Billingly, of Curtis fame guest write his strip. It would explain the over-eager use of quotation marks. Perhaps next week Howard Dean will get beaten up by Derek and "Onion". Or Mallard will complain about that newfangled "rap" music.

Anonymous said...

I second the gin and desperation comment!