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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Those damned newsrooms

What's Mallard raving about today?

A newsroom near you, the media, black conservatives, liberals (presumably) , sraw men.

Well, that straw man has certainly shown me the light. I'm a changed person; I will never listen to the media again because, apparently, they don't know any conservatives.


Edmund Schluessel said...

The Washington Times seems to be the only news outlet -- and I use that term loosely -- to be taking this even vaguely seriously.

Maybe we're seeing the formation of a new parallel universe, akin to the one where we're winning in Iraq: the universe where Walter Williams actually is running for President, which exists only in the mind of a delusional cartoonist.

Kaitlyn said...

He's not running, he just has 'so much grass-roots support' for the nomination.

In Tinsley's mind.

I think the newsroom nearest me that carries this tripe doesn't care, but is afraid to pull it for fear of the conservative readers - they already hate the paper anyway, it prints liberal editorials...

right above or below conservative ones...

connection said...

it seems like he had an idea to set up a black conservative canidate to parallel Obama, so he could make Howard Dean look bad and whine about the 'liberal media' not paying attention to this 'grassroots' campaign.

He doesn't really talk about the man or his ideals at all. He just had to find a fill-in-the-blank, obscure african american republican and voila! weeks of jabbing the liberals with crudely drawn pictures and putting words into peoples mouths.

and really, I hope he mentions the Moonie Times reporting about it in one of his strips. With support like that the groundswell will become a gushing geyser that no liberal can ignore!