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Sunday, February 04, 2007

That damned Super Bowl

What's Mallard raving about today?

The Super Bowl, Experts, Valentine's Day, Male/Female relationships.

I have to assume, because it's really not clear, that Mallard's point is that men couldn't be bothered to observe Valentine's Day if it falls on the same day as the Super Bowl, which would cause a rift between men and women so serious that every single male-female relationship would be called off on that very day, all human procreation would end, thus providing the final nail in the primacy of Homo Sapiens on planet Earth. At least in America.

What's really got me curious, however, is the following question: Who the hell are all the cross-looking folk in the panel's center, staring at sheaves of paper and computers? I'm guessing they are supposed to the "the experts" but that, also, is not clear.


Kaitlyn said...

Oh my god!

(some) men like football more than their significant others! Stop the presses.

FWIW, this all female household will be glued to the tube all day. Mom likes the football, Becky likes the commercials, and hello, Prince is performing at the half-time show... if he was my Valentine he could watch the game.

Just checked - Valentine's Day isn't on a Sunday in 2012, so no Super Bowl. Idiot duck.

Side note - I hate the introductory panel on the Sunday strip - he always looks so smug.

Chance said...

I, too, was wondering about all the people with papers. It's very distracting.

Anonymous said...

It should be noted that Tinsley blames Valentine's Day on the liberals.

Anonymous said...

Damn liberals. Behind anything Tinsley doesn't like. It must be nice in his bubble, he's got someone to blame for everything. Forgot the your 20th anniversary? DAMN LIBERALS! Forgot your own kids names because you drank too much? DAMN LIBERALS!

And regarding Chantel:
"He (Mallard) can tolerate her politics, but not the fact that her idea of a deli is someplace that serves sprouts on a croissant."


Apparently while Mallard can "like liberals" Tinsley cannot stand them and Chantel has become a token diversity doll that he can't even stomach placing into the strip more than once a year.

GeoX said...

The thing about Chantel is, it's always gonna be difficult for a dumb white guy to portray a smart black woman. I think Tinsley realizes this on some level, which is why we never ever see her.