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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Those damned slaves

What's Mallard raving about today?

Walter Williams, The D.N.C., the Black Vote.

I suppose if you need to top an abortion joke, a straw man joke involving slavery is about your only option.


Mysterio said...

Ho ho! I wouldn't want to be Howard Dean right now!

Wait, I mean I woudn't want to be Bruce Tinsley right now, or ever for that matter. What a jackass. (It's been said before, but I just wanna say it again.)

Slappy Handstrong said...

Pathetic and shameful! Clearly Tinsley is unable to debate any issue on an honest level.

Kaitlyn said...

That's it - I'm writing the local paper to complain about them carrying such a horrid, offensive comic.

Of course, when people did that about the Boondocks, they moved it to the op-ed section, where Mallard resides, right next to Doonesbury, under the angry letters to the editor.

What should I say?

Dear LIBERAL Commericial Appeal, please stop running Mallard Fillmore. It is only included as a form of diversity to balance out the 'radical liberalism' of Doonesbury.

The past week's cartoons are disgusting and border on stalking - he keeps publishing a man's e-mail address. He made a 'joke' about abortion Monday, followed by a 'joke' about slavery Wednesday.

Please pull this tripe.


blah blah blah

Kaitlyn said...

D'oh, I just realized I can't.

I sent an e-mail in this week about the sunday hot button issue - same sex schools. (Hint: I'm agin' it!)

They've got a time limit on published whinings to the editor from one person. I think it's a month, I don't know.

Maybe one of the 'liberals'* that run the Commercial Appeal will pull it out of disgust.

*These people hate America so much, they help terrorists by disagreeing with Bush - seriously, a number of letters are like that lately, especially since Jane Fonda did a protest - Marxism got trotted out again!

When will Mallard touch on the 'if you disagree with Bush you love the terrorists' idea?

zklrradg said...

Jesus Christ Tinsley, what the FUCK?

dlauthor said...

Is anyone keeping a close eye on the Indiana papers? Particularly the Police Blotters? Because stories about Tinz being drunk in public have probably stopped appearing on the front page anymore. By now, "Bruce Tinsley, reeking of cheap bourbon, wraps car around traffic light" is probably the Indiana equivalent of "dog bites man." Or possibly even "dog takes dump on lawn."

luke said...

This guy is a chickenshit coward.

Black people used to be slaves LOL! Chinese people are fat and eat dogs LOL! What brilliant yet humorous insights on the issues of the day will we be treated to next?

Any responsible newspaper should be dropping this idiot's strip without a second thought.

Mysterio said...

Makes you wonder what he'll do to top himself tomorrow. An AIDS joke, perhaps?

Chance said...

How to create a political cartoon, according to Tinsley:

1. Draw a representative of the opposition. Draw him very badly.

2. write words for him to say that the real person would never, ever actually say. For example, have George Bush saying something about how he loves to rape Chihuahuas.

3. Put another badly drawn person in there registering mild disapproval of such an audacious statement (that you wrote).