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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Those damned federal employees

What's Mallard raving about today?

Federal employees.

What we really need is legislation regulating the publication of pointless vitriol from bitter cranks.


Kaitlyn said...

Him and his condescending attitude...

Teachers are employed by the government, Memphis City Schools had a half day today, so obviously someone was at work.

Yeah, we didn't get mail today.

So fucking what? To everyone still in school, except for the City students, yow!, today was a day off.

I think they give us the day off because it's February and it's boring and gray and we don't get Valentine's off.

Why wasn't he pissing and moaning about federal employees being off on MLK day, hmm?

(Though teachers in Nebraska aren't off, that still surprises me. I have cousins who went to school there just a couple years ago before coming back to Memphis and getting the day off.)

Kaitlyn said...

There's waste and corruption in all government jobs.

Since we need to privatize education and the mail business, along with welfare, let's go all the way and do away with police officers and firemen.

As employees paid by taxpayers, that is.

If your house catches fire, you better have the money to get them to put it out and rescue your kid. If you're murdered, you or someone in your family should pay for the investigation.

What? That's unfair?

Go to Canada if you want the government to take care of you. Free market, baby.

Anonymous said...

I believe the markets were closed yesterday as well. Lazy capitalists.

mapaghimagsik said...

Yup, we're back to that lovely race to the bottom. We saw it with the train strike in New York, where the faux populists ranted about how overpaid those government workers are.

There is data that says public industry salaries are passing private industry salaries. What amazes me is that people see this as evidence of government overpayment, rather than the private sector employees getting screwed. Again.

But I've noticed this about right wingers: they sure know how to take being shafted with a grin.

luke said...

He's complaining that he didn't get the day off yesterday? HE'S A FUCKING CARTOONIST. And not even a good one. He can take days off whenever he wants to! If your job is to mail a bunch of sloppily drawn pieces of crap to a syndicate, complaining about how tired and overworked you are doesn't carry a lot of weight.

Neither does complaining that federal employees spend President's Day passed out on their office floor.