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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Those damned Hippies

What's Mallard raving about today?

Dennis Hopper, investment companies, hippies.

Mallard appears to be appealing directly to a demographic which reflexively retains a burning grudge against hippies 40 years after the fact. Perhaps he's trying to raise his personal approval rating into the low 30's, just like President Bush, by appealing to that narrow group?

It bears noting that, in 1967, Dennis Hopper was 31 years old not, exactly the prime age for being a hippie. By 2004, Dennis Hopper was a supporter of the Republican Party (if Wikipedia can be believed).

But, Mallard, don't let any of that stop you from confusing some of Hopper's fictional characters with reality.


Kaitlyn said...

This is going to go on for too long, I just know.

I don't get starting it on Friday, though.

We had the conservaive daughter thingie...

It went nowhere...

In a couple weeks, expect one the media frenzy about Anna Nicole Smith - if he's tasteful.

If he's not, he'll just make a cheap joke about ANS like other political cartoonists have done.

Anonymous said...

Dennis Hopper does indeed support the GOP.

Anonymous said...

Oh, snap. I hope someone emails the turd (Tinsley, not Hopper) and lets him know.

Does Bruce understand what a DUI is? Does he know why he went to jail? Does he know how making jokes about frying your brain is ironic coming from him? Is he just fucking with us?

Anonymous said...

He can pretend to hide behind ideology all he wants.

But that won't stop the fact that Ducky's still realing from a childhood of being the unpopular loser that no one liked. I imagine even his teachers beat his geek ass up; which explains why, every few weeks, he descends into the comic equivalent of primal scream therapy about teachers/education.