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Sunday, February 25, 2007

That damned Spring

What's Mallard raving about today?

Crocuses, trees, the air, daffodils, irises, congress, taxes.

I suppose it's not surprising that Mallard is pretending it's springtime in February. After all he's pretending Congress has raised taxes.

Neither of which is surprising when you factor in the knowledge that he's trying to create a parallel structure out of the following: "coming up, coming up, going up."


Marissa said...

That butt shot is more than I can handle.

Mike P said...

I enjoy how he kept using the word "springy" to describe things supposedly having to do with spring. Isn't "springy" usually a synonym for "bouncy"?

connection said...

grumble grumble.. tax day is almost here! those damn democrats making April come so soon!

but pedophile republican representatives are going down! wait.. that didn't sound right.

Kaitlyn said...

For the last few days, we(memphis) have had spring-like weather, which resulted in a lovely tornado watch for most of the area. The storm system that caused the tornados and lovely storms that scared the hell out of my dog gave snow to the midwest.

I hate February!

Mallard's humor is so edgy, I want to have ducklings with him. Democrats raising taxes? Zing! Take that, you commie terrorist lovers.

fpruviiq said...

What the hell does that sign next to Mallard's enormous arse say?

eqokkvz said...

I have figured out that it says "boing". Beacuse Tinsley is too stupid to do sound effects properly.