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Friday, February 09, 2007

Those damned disappointments

What's Mallard raving about today?

A newsroom near you, himself.

Okay, idiot duck, let's be clear about this.

You never threatened Walter Williams with a flood of emails or anything else. You said you were going to threaten him. But you never actually threatened him. Instead, you published the man's email address without warning of any kind after giving him 3 days to announce his candidacy for President.

I can't even find the strength to comment on the fact that Mallard thinks anyone, anywhere, cares what he has said or done this past 2 weeks...except us, of course.


Kaitlyn said...

Maybe that's us in the cartoon. :P

I mean, the guy strikes me as an egomaniac. He's had to have googled his name and his comic's name a million times. (I know I would.)

So maybe he knows about us.

And I don't recall him threatening him with a bunch of e-mails if he didn't run for president, he just posted a guy's e-mail for no damn reason, other than to be a total creep.

Speaking of which, still no reply.

Kaitlyn said...

I just looked at the strip for the second time - it makes no fucking sense!

(I know the whole premise makes no fucking sense, but this strip in particular is weird. Though not offensive.)

connection said...

theres no joke to it..

and going deeper(?) into it.. the woman starts talking, then the man continues the thought with "and.." as if it was the rest of the explanation. so i think we messed up and drew the word balloon wrong.

I also call foul on redundancy. He had to explain the plot again, while at the same time implying that any news room actually gave a damn. If he had everyones attention as he claims, why does he have to use a whole strip to 'catch people up?'

connection said...

oh, superfluous use of exclamation points also. thats your third strike on this cartoon Tinsley. go sit in the dugout.

Anonymous said...

Well, it appears that at least one newsroom actually does give a damn

... Go on, guess which one. It's not hard.


Kaitlyn said...

Anonymous, thank you for that link.

That was so funny, and so sad.

And he has no plans to stop!

What a delusional idiot.

I wonder if my e-mail was negative, 'cause I said I wouldn't vote for him. But I was respectful.

The Washington Times?

The liberal media! *dies laughing*

Maybe he'll have a strip about the legitimacy of his campaign of idiocy, citing the article. I'm sorry, I'm about to die laughing.

Tinsley said he may support Newt Gingrich. *vomit*

"Though he has no plans for trips to Iowa and New Hampshire, Mr. Williams would not completely rule out a 2008 run for the White House."

You're a 70 year old syndicated columnist! You're only known to Limbaugh fans and Wash Times readers!

(I bet Limbaugh has him sub so he(rush) can say, "see, I'm not racist")

"Right now, however, Mr. Tinsley says he's "not giving up" on his campaign to promote the candidacy of Mr. Williams."


So there is no punch line to this... he really means it.

And the only people in the media talking about it are conservative hacks.

Which just means the liberal media is so racist its ignoring this grassroots campaign for a black president.

(Speaking of running for president, Stephen Colbert said he's "not" running. *wink, wink, nudge, nudge* It was hilarious.)

dlauthor said...

"Maybe he'll have a strip about the legitimacy of his campaign of idiocy, citing the article."

A strip? Since when has Boozin' Bruce done a strip about anything? We'll get a week of it, at least. It'll just take about a month -- two weeks' lag, plus a couple weeks to penetrate the fog of Ripple in his head.

Kaitlyn said...

dlauthor, you're right.

Maybe he'll continue it until the actual election, ignoring reality even more than he already does.

lcduke said...

Oh my God.

"'I've only gotten one or two ugly [e-mails], and I've gotten hundreds' of positive messages."

Haha, I wonder if me and kaitlyn were the two ugly ones. That'd be badass.

Also interesting is the news that Williams' wife would "assassinate" him if he ran. WTF?

To tell the truth, I wouldn't mind if Tinsley's lunatic scheme actually worked and some guy who no one's ever heard of or cares about gets the Republican nomination. I'm sure his platform of nuking the entire middle east would be the most successful campaign since Barry Goldwater's.

GeoX said...

As for me, I wouldn't say my email to him was "ugly," per se. I merely noted that a cartoon duck had told me to tell him to run for President, but that he was probably intoxicated at the time. Just the facts.

GeoX said...

...though I have to say, if I had had any residual faith in humanity, it would have been severely shaken by the fact that he's allegedly received "hundreds" of positive emails. PLEASE don't tell me there are more than three people who take Tinsley seriously. That thought makes me very, very, sad.

Kaitlyn said...

more than three people who take Tinsley seriously

Himself, Walter Williams, and the WP writer?

Or just Tinsley, as in "Me, myself, and I"?