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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Those damned anarchists

What's Mallard raving about today?

Liberal parents, conservative kids, trans-gendered body-pierced anarchists.

For two days running (unlike the 7 months prior to this), Mallard features a recognizable comic structure involving a setup and punchline.

Not that either panel has been funny in any way, mind you, but it seems important to mark this occurrence.

I would have mentioned it yesterday, but I figured it was just a mistake.


Les said...

oh, yeah, liberal parents love it when their kids date trans folks.

Also making fun of trans people is so funny. It never gets old. Plus you don't have to worry about getting in trouble with it as much as you do when you draw racist charicitures of overweight chinese children. it's a win! yay ranting duck.

Kaitlyn said...

I HATE HATE HATE HATE the look on strawliberal's face in the third 'panel'.

I don't know why, but it bugs me more than anything.

Oh, and way to confuse me over the date, DaveyK. I saw Feb 21, and was like? What transgendered people in yesterday's (Tuesday's) Mallard?

But no, you just posted Wednesday's strip extra early. I hope you're happy!

Transgendered piercing freak...

(I have my eyebrow pierced. Did it a week after I graduated from high school with some graduation money, then bought some archie comics. I'm the liberal in the family. Becky doesn't care about politics yet, she voted for Bush in the middle school's mock election in '04, but she's more pierced than I am - but she sticks to the ears.)

ernesto "chuck" guevara said...

Yeah... definitely more classic comic structure lately. Rehab must be paying off.

Anonymous said...

Politics thrives by unfair and idiotic caricatures of the opposition. Liberals and conservatives are equally unfair and clueless about one another. I hate MF, but the strips this week are moderately less moronic and tasteless than usual, and at least he's not trying to rhyme. There, I said something positive!

dlauthor said...


Show me the mainstream (i.e., not web-only or student-paper) "liberal" strip that characterizes conservatives in that way -- say, as cross-burning, knuckle-dragging shitkickers with seventeen guns, a mullet, and a family tree that looks like it was drawn with a Spirograph.

No? Well, thanks for playing.

Sam said...

I like the idea that the average high school is rife with transgendered anarchists. If his daughter went to the Harvey Milk school, it wouldn't be an issue. If, however, his daughter did go to the HM school, there'd be an entirely different set of issues.

It's like a straw man orgy!


Anonymous said...

It didn't make me laugh. Was I supposed to assume that transgendered body-pierced anarchists could not in fact be nice? Was I supposed to sit there and sagely nod saying "yes, conservatives are better boyfriends" because I should make a snap judgement based on political affiliation?

Mallard hasn't provided me with his skewed perception of an inaccurate statistical study yet!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you're sure right dlauthor, it's always them, never us. We are reasonable and they're not. We are smart and they are stupid. We are fair and they are unfair. Wahh!