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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Those damned Presidents

What's Mallard raving about today?

Commercial and material holidays, President's Day.

The panel itself is a paean to being boring and without any ideas.

As if to underscore that general bankruptcy, Mallard presents his fuliguline ass to the reader.

And to underscore his lack of artistic talent, he draws a pencil with such an enormous eraser that it is hardly recognizable as a pencil.


luke said...

What the hell is this?? Who is that guy? Who is he writing to??

And, uh, what does "fuliguline" mean? I looked it up and the closest word I found is "fuliginous," which means vapor. I'm confused.

DaveyK said...

Fuliguline is a hoity-toity adjective for duck. Just being silly.

Kaitlyn said...

His rhymes...

Oh sweet jesus, his rhymes.

Materialistic and what the heck?

And commercial's just sitting out all by its lonesome?

How could this be poetry?