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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Those damned Chinese

What's Mallard raving about today?


I join Mallard. I resolve to stop buying blue-grey rectangles from China.

But I don't think China rhymes with use.


dlauthor said...

Dear Mallard:

China's financing our national debt, allowing Bush to give tax cuts to the rich and lose his war in Iraq. It's good to know you'll be boycotting these, as well.

Slappy Handstrong said...

Uh oh- it looks like that box is leaking. Better get a hazmat team over there...

Also- wasn't Mallart recently extolling the virtues of buying cheap crap from Wallmart? So which is it?

Mike P said...

I'm sorry, but I need my blue-grey rectangles and the only one who manufactures them is China. I'm planning on building a money bin with them like Scrooge McDuck's. You know, a good comic character.

Also, my word verification was "hnazi".

Dono said...

If Mallard's really concerned about getting blood on his hands, he might want to stop cozying up with the Chimp-in-Chief.