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Saturday, January 27, 2007

That damned logic

What's Mallard raving about today?

Dog-eating Chinese people, innumerable sources, crazy illogical people.

Just yesterday, I asserted that Mallard's final sentence was "the single most unhinged rambling ever published in comic form."

One day later, Mallard outdoes himself in the most impressive manner imaginable, further proves that this comic is little more than a parochial vanity exercise, and confirms in grand style what commenter Chance said:
This is a goddamn poorly executed scribble of a duck head poking out under lines and lines of crazed rambling that one might find on the blog of a repressed 14 year old who just discovered that there are people who don't believe in what his daddy taught him.
At least this probably represents the end of this particular thread which (I feel compelled to remind everyone) began by superimposing Rex Morgan, MD's head on a fat Chinese kid and yet somehow managed to become more absurd.


Anonymous said...

The internet is his source of information? Well, time to attack Americans. We don't just eat our cows... we let aliens abduct honest hardworking bovines! Just google "cow mutilations" for the TRUTH.

Sminki said...

Dear Bruce Tinsley,


Signed Earth.

dlauthor said...

Dear Mallard:

You know what else people in China eat? And also people in America?

Duck. Now hold still.

Anonymous said...

I still can't tell if he's serious that eating dogs is why Chinese kids are obese.

luke said...

Also, is it just me or is it totally weird that obesity takes second place with Christmas and Democrats for most things Mallard has ranted about since this blog started? What the hell?

(that was me in the last post, fyi)

Anonymous said...

I feel bad mentioning Bruce's drinking problems again, but honestly, only a drunk could write such moronic blither day after day after day!

Chance said...

So, worst Mallard "arc" ever? Or just tied for worst with all the others?

And we never did get to see what Rex Morgan had to do with it...

Slappy Handstrong said...

Mr Tinsley-

Just a note- your opinions first have to be INTERESTING before they can become controversial. Without that first part, you're just a blathering drunk with a 3rd rate cartoon. Nothing more, nothing less.

Iron Dragon said...

Hmm, I think someone realized that Tinz was getting mocked, they now have captcha before you can actually SEE the comic.