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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

That damned Rex Morgan, MD

What's Mallard raving about today?

Obesity in China, generic depictions of non-caucasians, Rex Morgan MD.

This panel raises two questions to which I don't believe there can possibly be a satisfactory answer:
1. Why Rex Morgan, the comic world's gayest doctor?
2. To be continued?


Mysterio said...

Whine, whine whine. Tinsley can't draw a Chinese person the way he wants to. This brings to mind an early MF series where Mallard was going to get mugged, but Tinsley effectivly spent the whole time bitching that he couldn't make the mugger black.

GeoX said...

I remember that. But he has no problem drawing racist caricatures when it suits him, so I don't really understand where he's coming from.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Tinsley's Chinese person would have been absolutely offensive. Of course everything he draws is offensive.

Anonymous said...

He was talking about Rex Morgan back then too:

Slappy Handstrong said...

Gee, too bad for Tinsley- society would look down on his racist cartoon.

Poor me...Poor me...Pour me another drink...

Kaitlyn said...

Remember whan the liberal fascists in the media wouldn't let him show a gun?

Poor, poor Mallard.

(Didn't he have a Vietnamese character a while back? Just show the kid, Rush, really fat.)

Or take a picture of a fat Chinese kid and copy it. Surely he can copy a picture? I can't, but I don't have a "comic" strip.