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Saturday, January 13, 2007

That damned Ophelia Kretch

What's Mallard raving about today?

Network news, people with impossible-to-believe fake names.

I think Mallard's making some sort of comment about network news being inferior because it's taped and not live.

I think.

Really, though, all I can focus on is his gigantic feet and polka-dot sweater, both of which are really odd details to bother drawing.


Kaitlyn said...

It doesn't make sense.

I'm on prescription pain killers, it's 2:30, but it won't make sense in 8 hours, I'm positive.

What does he mean, it'll be taped so she can see it?

That network news is on at weird times? But they're not, unless you want to watch the Simpsons or a CSI rerun.

Christ, our local CBS has a 4 pm news broadcast, a 4:30 one, a 5 pm, the national news at 5:30, and then another one at 6!

I make a habit of watching none - 4-5, X-files. 5-6, HGTV, L&O rerun, a book, the great outdoors. 6-6:30 - the simpsons, dur.

I don't like the news on tv because they always repeat themselves, and it's at their pace, not yours. That's why I prefer to read stories online or in the local rag, then watch the Daily Show.

Anonymous said...

Also, Mallard is watching it too, making her NOT the only person watching, which is either a clever commentary on the news anchor being unable to get even that fact right or yet more evidence of Tinsley's tragic inability to spend more than 12 seconds writing the strip.

luke said...

I think it means that Ophelia is unable to watch the interview live, being in it, so they are taping it for her as a courtesy. Or something. How this is supposed to be any sort of commentary on the news I have not a clue.

In other news, Mallard's feet don't match the angle at which his body is sitting. It sort of looks like there are tiny people wearing orange sheets standing in the foreground.

Slappy Handstrong said...

Is it just me, or is Mallard looking especially hung-over in this strip?

Slappy Handstrong said...

On an artsitic note, maybe this year Tisnley can resolve to actually see what the back of a TV looks like before he tries to draw it.

luke said...

Holy crap, Mallard actually made negative references to the Iraq war and Fox News today. Sort of.