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Monday, September 17, 2007

That damned donkey

What's Mallard raving about today?

Donkeys, Bathrooms, Larry Craig.

Hey, Mallard, it's the Republicans who threw your BFF Larry Craig under the bus.

And if you'd gone with an Elephant in this panel, you wouldn't have to stretch back to Chappaquiddick and the Clinton Administration to name 4 scandals. Hell, there's 4 Republican scandals a week these days.


BillyWitchDoctor said...

It must be killing Tinny to be unable to simply fall back on his old "Ted Kennedy is a drunk!! Democrats are alcoholics!!1" material. I don't know why he doesn't just go for it; why the pretense of integrity? Everyone who cares already knows he's a miserable hypocrite.

It took trolling in public restrooms for Teh Gay Secks to finally produce a moment in which something was NOT Okay If You're A Republican. Vitter screws around on his wife with a prostitute and gets some finger-wags and plenty of support; Craig tries to pick up a dude and he's toast.

(Yo, Log Cabiners: That was your WAKE-UP CALL. Your LATEST wake-up call. What's it gonna take? But the time you're forced to wear pink triangles it'll be too late.)

Matt Ramone said...

I've never understood the Republican tactic of characterizing the Democrats as weak and milquetoast while simultaneously accusing them of vicious, damaging attacks.

Actually, I do understand it; I just never understand why the public continues to fall for it.

Scanman said...

A woman can die under mysterious in a Republican congressman's office, heck they get a talk show!

no lie.

GeoX said...

I assume Tinz is referring to Gary Condit as opposed to Teddy Kennedy--although, as scanman notes, when you have Joe Scarborough for comparison, you've gotta wonder why he thought it was a good idea to bring that up. He REALLY thinks, in this day and age, that Democrats are more corrupt that Republicans? Extraordinary. I'd suggest that he remove that log from his eye, but I think it's the only thing preventing his brains from leaking out.

tbone said...

Does anyone else get the feeling that Tinsley drew this one years ago, and was just waiting for a Republican scandal to fill in the punchline? I think he just really wanted an excuse to have the Dem say those things.

12xuser said...

Mark Foley, Jeff Gannon, Jack Abramhoff, Tom DeLay, Randall Tobias, Duke Cunningham, Dusty Foggo, Scooter Libby, Steven Griles, Armstrong Williams, Bernard Keric, Paul Wolfowitz, Curt Weldon, Robert Ney, David Vitter . . . .

And those are just the names of people.

Truce Binsley said...

This is so typical of what's wrong with Mallard. This could have been a halfway decent strip if he had drawn a generic sleazy politician instead of a donkey.

Kaitlyn said...

Considering his lead time, it's remarkable he's talking about Craig this month.

Hey, the Daily Show was off for 2 weeks, and they weren't this dated.

Doonesbury is doing a much better take on this, of course.

I can't figure out how topical Tinz is trying to be - a recent Republican scandal, some Democratic scandals that may have happened in my lifetime (Condit vs. Kennedy - I'm going with Kennedy, since he always does.), and the word "future".

I have no fucking idea what that's supposed to mean.

EddyPo said...

Hey yeah. What does that mean? The "future of excuses"?

Tinsley has me stumped like rain forests.

Michael said...

I guess this cartoon is an example of, "The current state of excuses". And what a sad state it is.

By the way, is anyone else surprised they didn't try to dig up dirt on the police officer that busted him? Rove needs to get back to work pronto, and reveal that the cop's wife gave money to the ACLU or something.

Matt Ramone said...

Tinny seems to have a habit of falling back on decades-old scandals (the scandals around Rep. Jefferson nonwithstanding) any time he feels anger over accusations of GOP wrongdoing. This is particularly odd given the weight of the recent scandals.

Bruce, the Bush administration have led us into the worst foreign blunder in US history and have destabilized the most thin-ice region in the world, and they did it even knowing false information.

Bruce, the Justice Department fired US prosecutors because they weren't acting as an arm for the Republican party.

Bruce, Bush and Cheney, along with the DOJ, orchestrated a huge blow to the Bill of Rights via warrantless, clearly illegal wiretapping that they have not even ceased to do.
You uh, you said that one already.

Repeat ad nauseum forever.

Kaitlyn said...

When Tinz drove drunk, no one died.

Therefore, he's a better human being than every single member of the Kennedy clan.

Remember there was a thing over how GOP somebodies couldn't go/cover/whatfuck the special olympics - no reason given, but everybody had suspicions? I think I saw that on the Daily Show, but I honestly don't know.

Chance said...

"I'd suggest that he remove that log from his eye, but I think it's the only thing preventing his brains from leaking out."

That's a great line, geox.