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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Those damned Broncos

What's Mallard raving about today?

Boise State, College Football.

When we last left Mallard's obsessive complaining about college football and Boise State, the panel featured a grotesque drawing of an anthropomorphic Bronco with its arms on backward.

Today we get a caricature of a person, who I--and probably 90% of the world--can only assume is Boise State's head coach from the context.

And we are left with the question of how Mallard, his fat ass ensconced in a beige blob which is only convincing as a pillow and a Yellow Box of Snack FoodTM (Made in China) in his lap, is privy to pre-game motivational speeches.


BillyWitchDoctor said...

Leave it to Tinny to find a way to make me suddenly miss his anti-education rantings; begin moaning about some stupid nonsense I couldn't give half a rat's arse about.

Hey...isn't that his "Obama" caricature, only white?

12xuser said...

I like football. I am a big football fan. But I have never understood this obsession with crowning an undisputed "National Champion". What's wrong with a little controversy? Why does one team have to be crowned the only winner, with all other teams designated as losers? Why not leave it to people to argue about through the ages? It's not like it really matters at all. It's just college football.

It figures that Mallard would take the other side.

Scanman said...

Why is Mallard staring at a ventilation shaft?

rev said...

I thought it was John Kerry.

tbone said...

As a resident of the Boise area, let me speak for the majority of the people here when I say this: Give it a rest, Mallard. Even we stopped caring about the lost national championship (pfft, whatever) long ago.

Michael said...

When I first saw the guy, I thought he was Highway Patrol.

"Yeeaaayyy!"? Did he take motivational speaking lessons from Howard Dean?

Anonymous said...

All his caricatures look the same. Closed/ obscured eyes (he can't draw eyes convincingly) and absurd chin.

Anonymous said...

Mallard Filmore: unafraid to bitch constantly, even about things he enjoys.