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Monday, September 03, 2007

Those damned Chinese

What's Mallard raving about today?

China, Reincarnation.

Yes. Thank God we live in a country of religious tolerance and freedom.

A country where a Hindu priest, for example, can be offered the privilege of saying the opening prayer in Congress without worry about tyranny from the political arm of the religious majority.



BillyWitchDoctor said...

Now, DaveyK, you know that if an "oops" wasn't reported on FOX News, then IT. DID. NOT. HAPPEN.

...And if it DID, then it wasn't an "oops" at all, but Great American Values Defending Our Country From Teh Heathen.

"Thought crime?" Isn't that our rationalization for "pre-emptively" attacking Iraq? (And threatening Iran?)

12xuser said...

I'm sure if Tinsley had heard about this Hindu thing, he would have pulled this strip. As it is, I can hear him now in the distance, screaming "Damn you, two week delay!"

NW said...

Somebody should tell Tinsley that "Thought Crime" is two words.

Kaitlyn said...

Someone should tell him he makes less sense than usual.

I just do not get it - he implies that making reincarnation illegal goes beyond thought crime, but it doesn't. At least not to me.

Where do religious beliefs fall? Are they not part of thought?

Anonymous said...

Tyranny? 3 nuts in the gallery yelling isn't exactly tyranny from the political arm of the majority - it's 3 nuts yelling, not the government or the dreaded Christian majority shutting up the chap.

Anonymous said...

nw- thoughtcrime is one word. It's right there in "1984".

Anonymous said...

How does one intend to, ya know, enforce this?

And does someone need to send Ducky a list of stupid American laws? Like bathtubs being illegal in Virginia?