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Monday, September 10, 2007

That damed Day

What's Mallard raving about today?

9-11 anniversary, voting.

I will leave it to commenters to speculate just what Mallard would say constitutes "knowing the difference."

I have to focus on the stupidity of this statement: "It's still incredible to me that one day in history could make such a difference."

Given that history is replete with days that made "such a difference" (c.f., Pearl Harbor, Luther's 95 Theses) we can only surmise that Mallard knows absolutely nothing of history.

You know what Santayana said about those who cannot learn from history? What do you think he'd say about those who cannot even be bothered to try to learn it?


Scanman said...

Mallard, I voted in 2000 for the guy who would've never allowed the attacks to happen. I have maintained that if Al Gore took his rightful place in the White House in 2001, September 11th would merely be another day on the calendar.

It's weird how it took the deaths of thousands of Americans for the Whining White Wing Wackos to take notice of any terrorist threats. Bush had plenty of warning and every right wing pundit was talking about how "Star Wars"needed to be the focus of our defense spending despite the fact the "Cold War" was long over.

So anybody who thinks there is a difference was asleep at the switch on September 11th.

Matt Ramone said...

Oh, I know the difference. The "post-9/11 mindset" is apparently the batshit idea that a terrorist attack on American soil suddenly justified torture, secret prisons, and the erosion of both civil liberties and executive restraint.

So yes, I'll be voting for someone who knows the difference and chooses to be on the non-batshit side.

Thanks, Angry duck!

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Before 9-11, Li'l Dubbie was a national embarrassment, an international joke, and a cowardly dork with a knack for blowing other people's money.

...Huh. I guess 9-11 didn't change everything.

In fact, Li'l Dubbie is so good at blowing other people's money that Tinny actually risked being an "America Hater" by taking him to task for it.

Of course, Tinny described Li'l Dubbie as "spending money like a drunken Democrat," which is so hilarious for many reasons that Tinny didn't intend (even more today than at the time of publication) that it diluted his message to zilch...

tbone said...

He's going to finish the elipses in tomorrow's strip, I just know it. Something tells me we will be underwhelmed with his thoughts.

watchdog said...

Conservatives dont know anything about history beyond the simplest myths they can find on any given subject. The only war they think they know is the Civil war (where they often root for the losers) and WWII where their knowledge is based off of propaganda movies featuring John Wayne.

Truce Binsley said...

Which election is the duck talking about when he lectures us about how to vote?

I mean, I know the '08 primaries are early, but they're not being held in September '07, are they?

exanonymous said...

I can't read the comic. Oh well. 9/11, huh? Yeah, it changed the world. If you call the US the entire world. Less liberty, more questions, embarassment with administration that continues to this day, and still general self-centeredness. I don't think they really blinked much anywhere else, since terrorism has been alive and well since the first early-non-liberal picked up a club and bashed out the brains of the first early liberal cause he hated his hippie ways and wanted it to be a lesson to the other early-liberals.

lxzmced said...

Wow, today's one is almost as bad as the 9/11 one last year.

It's rambling, barely coherent, vaguely offensive and namelessly irritating. But at least, unlike 11/9/2006, it's not a gleeful dance on the rubble.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Yeargh, the end of that URL got sheared off. I was able to suss out the rest of it, but recommend for converting long URLs into something that won't get the end clipped off.

Wow, what's with the funnies lately? comics won't load either, though UComics and are okay...must be a liberal conspiracy!!

Scanman said...

Tuesday, Mallard Fillmore wants us to thank those who had stopped terrorist attacks from happening on US soil, so I like to thank Bill Clinton for stopping the Millenium attacks.

If only you were still president on September 11th, We would not be talking about the significance of September 11th, because like I said time and time again, if George Bush was not president on September 11th, it would just be another day on the calendar.