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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Those damned donkeys

What's Mallard raving about today?

Larry Craig, Bathrooms.

To recap...

David Vitter (who comes from a state in which a Democratic Governor would choose his successor if he resigned) is revealed to frequent hookers, albeit heterosexual hookers, and Republicans rally to his defense.

Larry Craig (who comes from a state in which a Republican Governor would choose his successor if he resigned) is revealed to have plead guilty to soliciting gay sex in a Minnesota airport bathroom, and Republicans toss him under the bus.

And Democrats have no shame.

Also, Mallard has convinced himself that Craig was not soliciting sex, he was just tapping his toes.

Does that about sum it up? Can I take the rest of the week off?


Matt Ramone said...

No we can't get a week's respite from Tinny's misdirected rage. Five bucks says this ties back into Bill Clinton somehow.

A GOP politician was exposed as a flagrant hyocrite? THOSE FUCKING DEMOCRATS ARE AT IT AGAIN!

Yanno how I think it might play out? "[passing reference to hypocritical Republican p;oiticians] but blacks like Jackson and Sharpton are even worse hypocrites because they are the true racists."

I would love to see nothing more than a MF series about hw Cheney has been ruining the Bill of Rights. Aren't Republicans all about individual freedom?

Truce Binsley said...

I'd like to think that at some point Tinshley's going to explain how Democrats are to blame for the Larry Craig scandal, but I doubt he will.

I don't think he has any explanation in mind. If a Republican is in trouble, it's the Democrats' fault. Always.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

*slap forehead*
*slap forehead*
*slap forehead*
...God, I'm starting to bleed from my nostrils.
*slap forehead*
*slap forehead*
*slap forehead*

No shame? How delusional does one have to be, to be Bruce Tinsley and still be able to look in the mirror? And when he DOES look in the mirror, does he say, "Hey! It's Tom Cruise!," or does he say "Stupid drunk! Bet you're a Democrat!" and become furious because the image in the mirror won't stop imitating him?

*slap forehead*
*slap forehead*
*slap forehead*

Scanman said...

You know, around the time Mallard came out, he made reference to the fact that people were still making Dan Quayle jokes, this was in 1994, 1995. Of course he didn't cite examples and I didn't see anyone doing it at the time.

So now it's nine years after the Lewinsky scandal broke, 20+ years since Barny Frank's non scandal, 38 years since Chappaquidick.And he continuously uses these events as fodder for current humor, never mind the fact there are at least one republican for each similar scandal within the last 7 years.

I think he'll fail to see the irony of what he's doing.

Michael said...

I think we found the one person in America who actually buys the "wide stance" theory.

Kaitlyn said...

Ha ha, it looks like the guy is going to go into the women's restroom.

There, Mallard made a funny. Didn't laugh, but hey.

Also, he's got to mean something by 'no smoking' in the human restrooms, but what?

exanonymous said...

No shame?
FOX news did this:

For those who don't want to watch youtube, it's 20 seconds of a picture regarding Mark Foley.

Labeled as a Democrat.

GOP is so far in denial that if anyone does anything like solicit sex from young men, they must be a Democrat. Even if they ran as a Republican.

(By the way, on the correction, he wasn't labeled as a democrat. They didn't list his party affiliation after it was caught.)

Scanman said...

There should be a sign that says no handicapped because those handles are awfully high.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Scanman, you know Mallard would respond by snarking about the "nanny state," wondering aloud why people in wheelchairs couldn't just "pull themselves up by their bootstraps" (or drag themselves along by their fingernails)--and then promptly start bitching about how everything's not scaled down for the sake of the world's sole talking duck.