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Sunday, September 30, 2007

That damned musical

What's Mallard raving about today?

Education, the NEA.

Today, Mallard illustrates the end result of merging your obsessions (the NEA, Education) with a Pop Culture reference to which you are not actually familiar, except to name it.

Apropos of yesterday's panel, most people could have predicted how awful the end result would be without writing, drawing, and publishing it. Mallard, however, had to do the research, personally.


BillyWitchDoctor said...


One again, even when he has an arguably valid point, Tinny can't present it without alienating readers with his smug assholier-than-thou attitude, and confusing the issue with his failed pop references.

Honestly, who's he going to reach with this strip? At best, the ubiquitous talk-show-listening crank who sends the same letter to fifteen area newspapers every weekend MIGHT read this and nod his head out of reflex rather than comprehension...but that's it.

Man. Mallard always sucks, but THIS one is's like being trapped in a tiny room with a horse suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. You just want to claw your eyes out and keel over dead.

12xuser said...

I don't know, but it just might not be that important to have a math degree to teach addition and subtraction to third-graders. It might be more important for teachers to have some training in, you know, teaching.

Kaitlyn said...

I could have sworn that in high school you had to have some form of degree in the subject you were teaching...

My chemistry teacher spoke often of his college chem classes, and my history teacher was getting his doctorate (or something) in US History while teaching us the subject.

But hey, what do I know?

One good thing from High School Musical - this video. Only watch if you're a baseball fan. My sister loved the stupid movies.

exanonymous said...

You know, about a third of my classmates were education majors.

It should be noted that they were my classmates in Quantum Physics, E&M, Extragalactic Astrophysics, Modern Physics Lab, Differential Equations etc.

So stuff it duck. The same classes required to get a degree in Astrophysics were being taken by those who wished to teach the subjects of Math and Science. I'm willing to bet one incompetent comics artist wouldn't be able to begin to pass those classes.

They're my friends and they deserve better than those insults, they work a hell of a lot harder now than someone who scrawls some "IHATELIBERALS" bit each day.

Kaitlyn said...

They work harder, but they don't have his cushy job - he won't ever go away until he dies - he's not going to retire like Watterson or Larson, he's going to die at his drawing table (insert alcoholic beverage) like Johnny Hart, though he'll think he's Schultz.

Your friends with the education degrees...

No, they'll never be as successful as the Tinz.

gag me

Natalie said...

Tinsley should probably have taken a course in logic (formal or informal), so he could have learned the idea of exclusivity. That is, requiring one thing does not de facto disallow other things. The NEA may require degrees (I assume they mean M.A.s) in education, but that in no way means that people can't also have degrees in the subjects they're teaching. In fact, most K-12 teachers I know have a bachelor's in whatever subject they like and a master's in education. Just because Tinsley only has one degree doesn't mean that many other people don't get multiple degrees.