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Monday, March 26, 2007

That damned Hell

What's Mallard raving about today?

Al Gore, The New York Times, Climate change, Hell.

Oh, God. Another week of this drivel?

At any rate, since Mallard's wants to agree with that NYT article, I offer the following quote:
Typically, the concern is not over the existence of climate change, or the idea that the human production of heat-trapping gases is partly or largely to blame for the globe’s recent warming. The question is whether Mr. Gore has gone beyond the scientific evidence.
Oh, and as a service to certain readers, I am going to spell "thermometors" incorrectly, so you have license to simply ignore everything.


Slappy Handstrong said...

Bruce is just jealous because Al Gore's movie won an award and the most he's ever won was a mug shot and an orange vest to wear while picking up litter on the side of the highway. Poor me, poor me, pour me another drink!

Kaitlyn said...

Spelling is a pain in the butt. We're commenting on a blog that is great, but not like the drudge report or whatever we have on the left.

Actually, I like spelling correctly - I got second place in the last spelling bee I partipated in - I'd never heard or seen the word 'tandem' before. I always did good in French 2 when we had spelling bees. Spelling counts there, but we're not graded here.

George Bush could come out and say, "Climate change is a serious issue. We should not have the left Kyoto [thingie - it's 1:30am, gimme a break]. There is evidence that we are contributing to the climate change in a negative way by messing with mother nature's plans. We're going to seriously work on emissions and such as a nation. It's the Christian thing to do, we were given this planet by God and we must take care of it*".

And Mallard would disagree.

*I threw in that last bit because of Ann Coulter's stupid statement that we should not do anything about the enivronment because the planet is ours to destroy.

Onto the comic... that's actually a decent drawing of Gore, by Tinsley's standards. Though I don't know why he exhanged the big chin for a big nose.

The articles said Gore exaggerated. Hyperbole to make a point. No, we won't be living underwater in 50 years, but it's still a problem! The big problem with climate change is that the biggest changes are happening at the poles, where there are few people, particularly republican congressmen and rightwing duck/drunks.

Visual Verification's a bitch, daveyk, but I get this problem at all blogger blogs. It actually says "Visual verification" right now, the image didn't load.

Now there is text - xanncqyk. Watch me type it and get the message "Enter the letters as they are shown in the image."

Plus, I'm not logged in as Kaitlyn until I get the verification right!

dlauthor said...

Holy crap about the "thermometor" thing. I can't believe Tinshley sobered up long enough to post in that other thread.

luke said...

In fairness to Tinsley, this is the closest he's come to actually making a joke in some time.

Anonymous said...

Re: spelling

Come on, let's not be so humorless!

Good at dishing out; not so good at taking, eh?


Ryan said...

I forgot to turn on the spell check in my blogger comment box. My bad. I did pretty good with the rest, didn't I?
In any case, the post was all factual, if not spelled correctly. I'm not forcing you to reach the same conclusions I did.
Also, I have to agree with Kaitlyn, that WAS a good Gore drawing, if not a little too similar in shape to an airplane tail.